Priorities/handling other classes in arenas?

How should I react to other classes/comps in 2s (and possibly 3s)?
What is definitely worth dispelling from enemies? What is never worth dispelling? I try to take off things like predators swiftness, druids hots when I can, other priests fear ward, mages' mana shield, etc. but lack knowledge about classes beyond priests (for instance, I have zero knowledge of warlocks, shamans, death knights, etc. as I have never even leveled one to 20, much less 90).
What talents/glyphs should be swapped out for what classes? I know the obvious like void tendrils for melee (besides druids), I'll take dominate mind if we're fighting another healer on the bridge map, SW:death for mages, things like this.

Should I be prioritizing playing defensive and hiding behind pillars, or put myself out there a bit and actually try to be putting pressure with smite/holy fire in situations where I'm not needing to consistently heal my partner(s)?
I debate between desperate prayer and angelic bulwark, but have so far stuck with desperate prayer just out of habit from cata.
Not knowing other classes, I don't really know what dots and debuffs are absolutely necessary to dispel. Lack of vent/skype leads me to not notice CC I'm not familiar with on my teammates too.

Maybe the priest forum is the wrong place for this since I'm asking about other classes more than anything, and if it is I really am sorry, but I thought since I'm asking about how to react to them as a priest this would be the best place.
Well honestly sounds like you kinda know what you're doing and you have the drive to improve so you're on the right path. It's important to have skype to line up your fears with your teamates burst however, that's a game changer right there unfortunately. A lot of people who play this game have anziety issues you're not alone so don't feel bad. I'm just about to hit 90 on this guy so I'm sorry I'm not much help but good luck!

Also you can check out Hydras stream, one of the best disc priests in the world, watch him / study his play I garuntee you'll improve
I know what I'm doing as far as priests go, it's everything else that I'm clueless about.

Thankyou though!

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