[H] <Soon> 4/12 Sat/Sun LF Mage,Lock,or Rogue

<Soon> is recruiting for weekend raids! Our core has known each other for years and we’re looking to add a few more able bodies to clear content. Some of us rerolled/began late in the expansion, so we’re currently farming T14 and just breaking into Throne of Thunder.

tl;dr Info
<Soon> Raid Times: Saturdays & Sundays, 5pm-8:30pm PST. This schedule is sometimes variable by about an hour in either direction (except that we never go later on Sundays). We also run LFRs on Friday nights, but this is optional.
Loot System: We roll for gear, with some loot council type decisions made in situations where it will benefit the raid to have someone’s set bonus or a specific trinket on a certain class, etc.
Voice Comm.: Mumble.
Consumables: Feasts are provided for most attempts (the relatively few attempts where we require 300 food being the exception), and we try to provide flasks. We’ll eventually try to provide repair gold.
Contact: Barlos or Kasq in-game. Send anyone online a message to track us down, or send an in-game mail. We’re working on getting a website up.

T14: 16/16
ToT: 3/12

We've only just started progressing with a full guild group in ToT. Our focus is now solely on ToT.

-One Mage, Warlock, or Rogue: We are looking for a player that will fit in long-term with our group. As such, we have a couple of players that are willing to change mains if we can find an exceptional, pleasant person to take one of the three spots listed above. We'll take the best applicant of any of the three classes listed at this point. Please be consistent, too!

• …have experience in raids from every expansion since and including Vanilla. Four of us first met back when ZG20 was a “thing” and current content.
• …accept inexperienced players and are willing to give what advice we can. We’re always trying to improve ourselves and want other people that are the same way.
• …give righteous high fives.
• …expect raiders to be prepared by reading strategies, having consumables, enchants, and the like before raid invites to make most efficient use of our schedule.
• …sometimes use salty language.
• …use mumble almost exclusively for communication both in and out of raids (listening without a mic is fine, but we generally dislike typing).
• …consider applicants regardless of gear. We take skill over gear, all day every day.
• …accept players that raid in other guilds on other characters. We only require that you be guilded on the character you raid with us on, and put a fair amount of time into that character.
• …play other games together on occasion, like DOTA 2. It’s completely OK if you don’t.
Posted under the wrong Barlos! Whoops.
We only need one swing healer to fill our 10s, but recruitment is still open for some spots we're "trialing". Still looking for 3ish skilled players to fill out our raid team. Looking to start ToT very soon.
No longer need a healer. Recruitment is open for a swing healer.

Would really like to see a good moonkin app!
Two new bosses down once we got a full guild group into ToT: one shot Horridon and three shot council. Good night, other tank had to leave early for an emergency or we'd be 5/12. Probably.

Hope to see an experienced mage apply <Soon>. Come compliment our already smokin' DPS.
Megaera will go down this week with a tweaked order. LF one dps: Mages, Warlocks, or Rogues will be considered. Some of our players are willing to make switches in order to bring in the best long-term prospect available (i.e. exceptional skill, can consistently make raid times, and fits in with our atmosphere)!
Bump! Got Megaera down last weekend. Looking for more heals still that are willing to DPS offspec!

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