Tyrannical Gladiator's Mageblade invisible

Bug Report
The Tyrannical Gladiator's Mageblade does not appear on your character while sheathed.

It appears when you unsheathe your weapons and while auto attacking a target, but it will not appear on your belt like all other weapons do.

Is this a bug or is this intended?

After wanting to use something other than daggers for PvP for the longest time, now we don't even get to see it.
As a side note, it appears that the Tyrannical Gladiator's Mageblade unsheathes from your back and not your side.

Also, I do not know if the sword is able to be transmogged and have the new transmogged model show in the original sword's place.
There are quite a few MoP weapons doing the same thing. Once transmorged they should be fine.
This makes me sad :( I was looking forward to getting it on my warlock because it looked amazing. And now I can't even see it unless I unsheathe it and do nothing...
Wish a blue would confirm if this is a glitch..........
Posting to confirm as well. Additionally, the faction symbol hanging of the pommel of the sword is an Alliance lion on a Horde character.
Would also like to know if this is a bug. What if we like the way the way the sword looks like Bladestorm mentions?
Will this be fixed soon? Would like to use the mageblade graphic, was really looking forward to the sword.
obvious bug.. this cant be for real..... wish they would acknowledge it already...
in addition to this still being 'broken' the spirit shield displays sideways, would sure be neat if blizzard would fix or at least say something.

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