<Is A Panda> 25M H, GMT+8, 1/12, LFM

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<Is A Panda> is a late night 25 man guild (GMT+8)

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild because we are progression oriented. At the same time Is A Panda is a bit more relaxed as we all know and understand that real life comes first. Solid raiding spots are given to those who are consistantly reliable first. We are a progression guild though, so performance is also important. If you can show us that you are reliable and skilled or at least progressing your skills then this is what we are looking for.

What are we looking for:

We are after players who can make all our progression raid nights consistently. Attendance is important in this guild and if you cant make our times we have casual ranks to accommodate players who cant raid on a regular basis.

Do not Apply if:

► You cannot be reliable in regards to showing up for raids
► You don't want to raid in a 25man group
► You don't want to work with a team long-term so we can help each other progress
► You will be tired the next day due to school/work

What are we Recruiting:
Accepting application's from the following class's/spec's:

**Feral Druid**
**Retribution Paladin**
** Exceptional Players **

<Is A Panda's> Progression:

► 16/16 NM 5.1 raids
► 1/12 NM TOT

Raid Times: Server time is same as Eastern Standard Time

►Wednesday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Thursday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Sunday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)

Most of us are Australian and Perth based but anyone who can make these times is welcome.

Conversion for US players: (excuse me if this may be wrong, but im sure its correct)
► 6.00am to 9.00am PST
► 8.00am to 11.00am CST
► 9.00am to 12.00pm EST

If you are interested in joining, come stop by our website http://isapanda.shivtr.com/
Alternatively you could PST Andrelus(me) or Vorpål in game for a chat if you have any additional info you need or add my battletag Kaddy#1158.
We have a great leadership team to help us in progressing further through ToT
Still recruiting
bump !
We have had some setbacks due to us trying to include core members of another guild's 10man group who fell apart. It turns out they only joined to recruit our members to remake their own group which is why we are recruiting reliable players.

Kali instead of commenting on a lvl 1, feel free to repost your comment on a lvl 90 that has progressed more through TOT so therefore you can actually make a point.

Vexing, as I have stated above we have had setbacks but that is why we are recruiting so we can progress with reliable players who want to run with a 25man group. For the past couple of weeks we have been downing the first ToT boss, then running ToES and HoF for loot and experience. Next week we are planning on working on ToT progression a lot more.
3/12 hm¿
Point taken, now please read the comment above. We have had issues and are trying to "get our lives together" by attempting to recruit reliable players so that we can progress further than just 1/12 ToT. Thanks for the bumps though!
Well the point is here that we are still setting up our 25 man raiding group and we are battling against the odds raiding late at night. We could take the easy option and have progressed more in 10 man on alliance.. We got screwed over by SoF who joined to raid 25 man, didnt attend (other than 2 players), then convinced our 3 of our better players to join them instead. Instead of having 2 decent 10 man teams combined for 25 man, we lost all of the SoF guys, and many old 10 man raiders who either didnt like 25 man or who's "PC's couldnt keep up."

The people left are a bit more casual (true) but you cant expect instant progress in 25 man by slapping a group of 480ilvl players together. We are at the point now of being able to catch up a bit with an average ilvl of 498. So anyone who joins us can expect things to improve. We only need 2-3 more people near the 500ilvl mark to complete the 25 man team.

Just bear in mind that 25 man requires more patience and is less about individuals. We have had to raid 5.1 raids for gear first and the true team players have been happy to do so.
"PC's couldnt keep up."

How is that possible these days........people still use commodore 64s?
I think that the excuse of their PC's not being able to keep up was that, an excuse Scorch. They obviously didn't want to raid 25man and gave that as their explanation before they left.

1. I know you can pug 16/16. So what? A new 25 man guild needs to start somewhere so we clear normal content for gear to help in ToT. Plus, it is a lot more fun with guildmates. Also remember that we are Horde with less than 30% of the server population, so pugging is a stupid option and often end in failure.

2. You want us to admit that we cannot compensate for lack of gear by having the unbeleveably awesome skills that you have?. Well here is a medal....for biggest !@#$%^

3. Why are you wasting your time trying to put down a new 25 man guild? got some real world problems that you need to compensate for?

4. We want to recruit people with around 500ilvl so that we don't have to gear them.

5. We have barely attempted 25 man ToT yet because we done have the full team yet (obviously why we are recruiting) and server maintenance has occurred late every night we have had a team.

6. Stop embarassing YOURSELF by trolling a new 25 man guild who is just trying to recruit. new members. Don't like it? post elsewhere. Im sure your guild leadership does not appreciate this degree of arrogance displayed by someone who is only rank 4 of 4 in their guild. Clearly there is a reason why this is the case...

7. "high-item" did you mean 'item-level' ?

8. Again, you are AWESOME!!!!! congrats!
03/30/2013 05:28 PMPosted by Scorch
"PC's couldnt keep up."

How is that possible these days........people still use commodore 64s?

Yeah it was a cop out by people who had every chance to object to switching to 25 man, but who kept quiet and dissapeared without a word after a solid 6 months of raiding in 5.0 and 5.1. Before leaving, they were still topping DPS which i found rediculous. They expected more progression which was harder in 25 man.

we wanted to change to 25 man because many of us come from 25 man guilds and are bored by 10 man. There is more to raiding that just a pure progression number (hence why we are not hardcore).

So anyway we are looking for people 490+ who want a solid 25 man group which is just starting out. look us up in game :) wed+thurs are our main nights
Ps. Spanks weren't good.
I never said that I have unbelievable* awesome skills. Skill is more valued than gear and by the looks of things, you seem to be one of those people that go: "Gear is more important than skill." But anyways. Thanks, I will take that medal with pride and place it in my cabinet with all the other awards people on the forums have given me.

In case you haven't read the entire rest of this thread, we value reliable people first! How silly do you think we are to not value skill, that's why in the very first post I said that we are looking for "exceptional players". They can't be that great if they have no skill.....

I understand that raiding with guildmates, and also friends is fun. But, so is pugging to an extent. How does 30% of the server population got to do with pugs ending in failures? Have you seen the pugs that are led on Alliance side also, majority of them are also garbage.

If you haven't noticed, Horde has a lot less people to choose from to pug as we only have 30% of the server population. This means that we have a lot less choice when we are looking for pugs and most of them are average at best. It also means that when we are raiding, we are limited with the amount of people online looking for a raid. That was Vorps point, if you didn't get that from what he said then clearly you don't understand pugging very well.

You're not even 500 Item Level. By the looks of things, if you want to raid with your own guild, you have to gear yourself up.

That's why we have been running 5.1 raids, to gear up people we have recruited that actually want to raid 25man and who already know how to play their class really well. We are saying an average of 500ilvl because most of the 25man guilds who have progressed further than us have a much higher ilvl than we currently do. Common sense to want to gear up right? ......

Solid progression of Normal Mode fights for six-months, where you couldn't even down Stone Guard on Heroic. Your guild reminds me of Spanks.

We only bothered to do H Stone guard the other day because we were bored. I see you haven't done any heroics either, plus you haven't gone any further than 1/12 ToT as well. Why don't you troll somewhere else and let us recruit so we can actually get some progression hmm?
I personally don't understand why there is so much commentary from the peanut gallery. We are recruiting so we can make progress through ToT and I personally don't see a guild trying to get more interest so that they can get further than 1/12 is funny, it's practical. If we don't recruit how else are we meant to get a great, reliable core group so that we can consistently progress?

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