491 Disc Priest LF ToT Raid

Hello. I am recently back to the game and I have discovered that I love healing. I am looking for a team to run ToT with. maybe just to bang out the first few for a bit but to endup progressing more. I am 16/16 normal on this toon. Have not really found anyone to run heroics with. Anyway Hit me up in game, Would love to trial somewhere.
Evil Dead is looking for a tank healer we run Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8:30-11PM Server time with an optional third night. We would love for you to join us just send an in game mail to Serribus, Naturalee,Spittinwood, or Jetheliant if you are interested for more details.
um... Your a hordie. I do not want to faction change.
503 now
<Siege> is looking for a heals for our raid team. We are 6/6 MSV (1/6 heroic), 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES, and 1/12 ToT. We raid Wed/Thurs nights from 8:30-11pm server time, with an optional alt/fun raid on Fridays. Pst Crisoly, Dage or Danissana for more information. Think we've actually raided with you before, in DS. :)
Wish I would have seen earlier today QQ
up to 525 and 1/13 Heroic atm :)

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