Convince me to roll a Mage

You can set your Hearthstone to where ever you think you will frequent, like say the Kalaxxi area if you know you are going to raid HOF, or some random place like Isle of Thunder, then teleport to a major city.

Also you can drop people in a giant hole.
mage is the only class that blizz refuse to nerf while other class gets fixed

You sir are hilarious. Mages are nerfed in almost every single patch.

5.2 Arcane Nerfed
5.1 Fire super nerfed
5.0 hotfixes Deep Freeze lowered by 2 seconds, frost bomb nerfed, Glyph of Deep Freeze nerfed
4.3 Arcane nerfed 5%
4.2 Fire Nerfed, all mage CCs except polymorph put on a single DR, Arcane nerfed 5%
4.1 BiS Arcane trinket nerfed by more than 50%

Its a pretty extensive history of mage slowly losing tools and abilities we had at the beginning of Cata. There's hardly ever a patch where mages aren't nerfed.
Not going to bother, I advice you to play an hunter, they are in demand.
Upsides of being a mage

- Teleportation

- Slow Fall

- Freezes --- Watch as your foes sit in ice rendering them (melee classes) useless.

- Shatters --- Instead of watching your foes sit in ice, just hit them for extremely high amounts of damage.

- You don't like frost? Np, just light your enemies on fire, or inflict suffering with arcane magics.

- Engineering as a mage is f*cking amazing.

- Did I mention shatters?

- Alter time and time warp.

- Undead mages are totally cliche in an awesome way.

- You're basically a vending machine inflicted with apathy towards buying food.

- Glyph of illusion (allows you to transform into a variety of different races, or the person who is right next to you).

- Invisibility.

- Presence of mind (instant cast).

- Blink and blazing speed are AWESOMMME.

- Great cc (poly or ring > deep > counterspell omgah).

- A very strong and solid class almost always.

- Shatters

- Shatters are awesome.

- Shatters. Yeah.

Downsides of being a mage

- You will always be regardless as skilless and OP, regardless as to whether or not your class is overpowered or takes skill.

(IE back in s9,10,or 11 [I forget D: sorry] even though R1 was 3100, mages were stuck at around 2700/2800-ish. Even then, there were still those awful human beings calling you OP.)

(IE frost death knights saying that your class is easy to play /rofl)

- Squishy if melee comps are strong that patch (KFC was a nightmare last patch. Thug is pretty scary atm, but definitely beatable.)

- Sometimes your shatters don't crit and it makes me sad :( most of the time they do though! :D

- I know Im forgetting downsides (I think) but Im too lazy to think of them right now.


So yeah roll mage! Theyre AWWWEEESOMMMEEE.
The bomb talents -- we put fire in your arcane and frost-- 90 talents --- we put arcane in your fire and frost--- now all 3 specs feel too simular they all had you basic nuke + procs and then arcane had this rooted mana management feel and fire had this keep this dot up. Now all 3 specs have this crap ruining the unique feel of the specs. People would probibly deal if we still did what we used to ( you know tons of damage) but now we do the same as everyone else if not less the problem is we have no utility to make up for it like lock stones totem cooldows battle rez ect.
Everyone keeps telling me to roll a Warlock because they're sooooooo much better. I've been levelling both this mage and a warlock up at the same time. After playing on the mage and setting up shatter combos and ccing monsters for a while on my mage, it's almost painful to get on my warlock. It feels so slow. I imagine it will get better on the warlock once I get more spells, but are they really so much better that I can endure the leveling proces. I don't know, but my gut says...maybe.
Depends on what you define "big" as. If you are talking about Critical Hits, then I'll take my Warlock alts consistent devastating Chaos bolts. I've yet to hit that kind of damage on a signle Pyroblast in MOP, especially now after 5.1 and the death of the Fire spec (unless of course you can get to 515-520 I level being a casual player).

If by go big you mean our insane fall from the top of the dps meters quicker than you can patch the game twice, then yes I'd agree.

Now, since the bomb buff, we have essentially become a DOT class, and not a hard caster. Just out of curiosity in an LFR this week I ran around dotting every mob and not hard casting. I did close to the same amount of dps as I did hard casting on the boss.

Blizzard has F'ed this class up so bad and they literally have no idea what to do now to fix them. Its comical seeing them buff a DOT spell...for a mage...just to try and appease the irrate Mage community and buy time while the Dev team sits there staring blankly at each other wondering how they managed to destroy a beloved class in less than two patches.

I'd have to say I agree, my friend recently got over his aversion of mmo games and got on wow, I rolled a toon to help him level and all. Thing is my friend rolled a BE mage, and I'm in a bind cause so far he's having fun as an arcane mage (we're almost level 30) but even if he seems to understand the basis of how to play the class it hurts to see me doing twice as much dps as him with my rogue. Should I tell him to re-roll? or should I wait until we hit MOP and people make fun of him playing a barely playable class?
Depends on what you define "big" as

I'm sure he was referring to the old mage slogan. Which still applies.

Funny thing, in the time taken to set that up and then kill you a lock could easily have gotten 3-4 chaos bolts off. Two of which would probably have killed you. And a single trinket or cleanse would have stopped the mage. That is not true of a lock. So, yah.....

Oh, the video looks impressive. And it hurts being on the receiving end. But a lot of classes can kill you as fast or faster. And they can do it will a lot less set up while being a lot harder to counter.
Do yourself a favor, don't do it. Its not worth the pain and anguish.

However, if you decide to roll mage, prepare yourself for being nerfed constantly by Blizzard in order to equal out mains between all classes after they realize that alot of people play this class and enjoy it. In theory mages are supposed to be glass cannons. We can't heal, we can't tank, we have low survivability, we have no raid utility aside from delicious cake and blood lusting if your shaman is dead. Fair enough, I can accept this.

In exchange we were supposed to be able to unleash god like amounts of punishment and pain if we can find a calm spot to stand and lay waste to mobs. This calm spot is non-existant in MOP raiding, so get over that idea fast. Secondly, be prepared to be sad as your hunter and warlock compatriots frolic around the zone, moving and casting at will, and out dpsing you by 20k on average even if you are able to stand still for a bit.

I've been a mage since the end of BC. Mages are without a doubt in the worst spot we've been in since BC. With our awful 90 level talents, rooted playstyle (if you want to max your dps anyway), and now after 5.1 (aka the Fire Hammer) and 5.2 (aka the Arcane Hammer) the inability to be competitive or even approach the top 1 or 2 in damage, my advice to you sir is to pick up your axe and shield, and be the best tank you can be. Trust me, you will be 100x more valuable to a Raid team as a tank/melee dps than you will be when all you can offer is stale pastries and mediocre/laughable damage.

The biggest regret I have in this game is not maining a hybrid. Since hybrids can easily out dps us now, plus give raid utility such as a tank and/or heal offspec, mages (post 5.1 anyway) are not worth sinking time into.

QQ much? I suppose you forgot how mages dominated all of 5.1 and cata? Why don't you try playing a shaman for a while, talk about a class that hardly ever makes it to the top. Nerfed constantly by blizzard... Mages have held the title of blizzard's favorite class for a long time. It's people like you who cry about not always being # 1 or 2 in dps that drive me crazy...

Sorry for being a jerk but jesus, get over it.
Convince you to play a mage huh?

ice lance ice lance ice lance ice lance frost bolt ice lance frost bomb ice lance ice lance
Since when do mages constantly get nerfed? I've played a mage since BC, raiding normal content quite a bit, and doing basic pvp stuff, and mages have seemed to be one of the most consistant classes in the game. Go to any other forum and people will agree that mages hardly receive constant nerfs.

As for why to play one. They're a fun class with fun mechanics.
Blizzard has F'ed this class up so bad and they literally have no idea what to do now to fix them. Its comical seeing them buff a DOT spell...for a mage...just to try and appease the irrate Mage community and buy time while the Dev team sits there staring blankly at each other wondering how they managed to destroy a beloved class in less than two patches.
It seems to me, Blizzard has no vision for mages. They don't have a long term goal of what they want us to be. So they're just stumbling around in the dark, making odd/unwanted buffs/nerfs to us, just to keep us somewhat viable.

Also, OP, even though mages aren't in a very good place right now, I still find mine fun to play. It's still my favorite class by far. I say roll a mage. The worst that could happen is you end up right where you are now, looking for a new class to play.
You could start to level one now and hope Blizzard fixes the mage class by the time you reach 90.
People just now rolling a mage will probibly enjoy it the fun factor isnt ruined till your raiding pretty much where dealing with your 90 talents. As for nerfs in cata there wernt much and they wernt really needed sure we were top but thats the only reason we ever get picked over another class we DONT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE like a battle rez or healthstone or any raid type cooldown other than bloodlust which shamans already have and guess what they have totems that can save your raid too. The thing that has us pissed off the most is that since mists went live we have been nerfed every single patch to fallow and now our only redeaming factor our damage is below our compitition and do to the 90 talents (granted the last patch helped a little) we lack the mobility we had over others as fire frost has always been pretty meh for pve and arcane well you saw what happened there.............But if your not raiding go ahead play a mage there still pretty damn good in pvp and if your doing dailys or leveling a new toon go for it as long as you can snare mobs youll have a blast.
You're rolling from Warrior to Mage? I'm doing the opposite.

5.2 was the nail in the coffin for me, really. It feels like I'm doing twice the work of other characters to produce middle-of-the-pack results. Especially now that mages are so reliant on continuous target switching and unspreadable bombs.

I loved not having to switch targets as a mage to do some decent cleave/multitarget damage, but then they removed that. 3 Living Bombs going off at once was a lot of fun, and one of the few things that felt like a satisfying, solid hit; the other being a well-placed Combustion.

By comparison, playing a warrior is fast, flowing; I love jumping all over the damn battlefield and not having to agonize over complex rotation decisions. I love the solid impact granted by the aesthetics of the class, from Shield Slam to Execute to Dragon's Roar. I love having a second role I can switch to; Even though I haven't Normal moded yet with Wolfwail here, it's already proven invaluable in tank-scarce LFRs.

And finally... Raid buffed, I'm doing more damage - single target - as an imperfectly reforged 475 Arms warrior (77.5K) than I was as a 492 Fire mage on 31% Crit (65K).

So one of three things must be true:

1) I'm an amazing warrior,
2) I'm a really godawful mage, or
3) Mages don't get enough for putting up with their awful mechanics.

YMMV, of course, but for me, going from Warrior to Mage would be going hard-reverse in terms of fun.
mage is the only class that blizz refuse to nerf while other class gets fixed

Unless you're a mage in MoP, where we have been nerfed (and quite hard) consistantly. 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 hurt us bad. Then again, perhaps I should expect this kind of trolling from a 55 dk...

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