Non-hard-core raid looking for more

DOP is a recent transfer. We raid Wed and Thurs nights 4:30-7:30 server. We are putting together a new progression raid and gearing up and need a few.
What we are: Looking to do all regular content and maybe a few heroics of current tier. We are social, sarcastic and just looking for fun. We have 3-4 former hard core, realm first raiders who now just want to play and have fun.

What we aren't: hard core, e-peen, loot whoring, "I am better than you" raiders.

We will not be first, or second or third and we don't care.

So if you are interested in progressing and having fun, we are for you. We do caution that if you have a thin skin or are underage, our vent might not be for you. For the most part we mock everyone and everything.

Looking for tank, dps and heals (non preist).
Also looking for casual members, back ups and bench.
Most players have alts, so alt runs happen.
Good place for people learning to raid - former hard core players are very happy to answer questions and explain fights/rotations/general concepts.

Look for haderict, changename, teklí or Jacen.
just transferred over looking for a couple nights a week of raiding mon through thur ilvl 502 warrior tank
You guys in need of a hunter

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