LF Raiding guild.

I am looking to transfer to Hyjal after unsuccessfully being unable to find any guilds LF a holy paladin for weekend raiding FRI-SUN on my current server. I am a 497ilvl Holy Paladin with raiding experience.
Loathe is a new guild to this server also. We just transfered here last week and are looking for raiders to fill out ranks so we can progress through ToT. A lot of us do quite a bit of PvP on the side. Our raid times are 6pm to 9pm server time on friday and saturday. If you are interested let me know.
Not to taint this forum post but "Loathe" is the reason why guilds are having a hard time recruiting on this server.
Oh really? Guilds like us huh? All guilds have something to offer. There is no reason why guilds like us cannot come to this server and recruit. This is a high pop server so there is no reason smaller guilds cannot recruit.
Easy....I don't think Cerarco was meaning anything rude by stating that. But even in the past few months, there's been an increasing amount of guilds. The *ratio* is what's throwing off recruitment.

Either way, I'd offer our Fri/Sat group, but sadly, we're full on healers. :c Sorry and good luck!

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