How can i get folder back?

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Okay, so i was trying to fix my wow launcher. The game needed to update and i read to delete the "" file. now i cant get it back and i cant do anything without it. How can i get it back?

What exactly did you delete? There's a folder located inside ProgramData that is safe to delete. It will be recreated whenever the launcher is started and it sees it's missing.
I deleted some type of folder i was told to delete

Where were you told to delete it? Was it a support article or post you can link? It would help a lot if I knew what you deleted.
It was in a support article. It just said to delete your folder. and i couldnt find that exact one, but i found with something else on the end of it. i cant remember the whole thing
Gummyhardd ,

Ok, I'm going to guess you probably deleted the file in the main World of Warcraft folder. You ordinarily would not want to do that.

Try this. Navigate to the World of Warcraft folder gain and delete the following 4 files if they're still there.


Once they're deleted, run the launcher for the game again. It should replace all of these files and you'll be back where you should hopefully.
Yes i delete that one. There is no Wow.exe or Wow-64.exe. But there is a Wow and Wow-64 but with no ".exe"
The .exe extensions are hidden due to how you have your Windows settings. Those are the two files you need to delete in addition to the others he mentioned if they're there. Once all 4 are missing, the launcher will replace them when it's run again.

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