buying runs / mounts / achievements

First off, I am on hellscream but am willing to server transfer a guild with gold to another server. What I am looking for is meta achievs/mouunts. ICC through current. I dont care so much about gear (although getting it from current raids if it happens to drop is a bonus). Basically I am a mount collector, but NOT a raider. I am looking to get the mounts and titles that I have missed out on thus far.
I know I could use, but that is sketchy, and I would like this to be a clean, quick process. I am willing to give some guild an extremely large sum of gold (translated: 1 million) for 2 weeks of hard work. I am also looking for silver (or if possible gold) challenge modes to be completed.
My battletag is : galdorfir#1535, thats... g a l d o r f i r # 1 5 3 5
Alternatively, you can send me an in game mail on hellscream-US, at "galdorfir" or "yuwi"
We can discuss specifics there. I WILL NOT be checking this forum again. I am posting to dozens of server forums, and am hoping some guild out there is ubber bored and wanting to fill their guild bank to max instantly for a couple weeks worth of work.
In regards to the runs, I am 100% flexible. I have open availability.

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