<A> 3/12 Recruiting 1 Healer / RDps

Hey there,

<Something Clever> is a 10 man progression guild located on Sargeras alliance side. We are recruiting one MW monk or Disc priest as well as a ranged dps (hunter, mage) for our core 10 man raiding group. Our group is filled with experienced raiders and is looking to find one more consistent members to add to our group of close nit friends.

Raid times are teu & wed at 10:30pm-12:30pm/1:00am central/server time and Monday 11:00pm - 1:00am

We utilize vent for raiding so that is a requirement. If you are interested in joining us or just want to get some more information Pm me the guild leader or one of our officers (Kriegdruid, Direkt, Vulmek) and we would be happy to answer any questions. Additionally you can post in this forum thread if interested.


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