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Slightly paranoid at the moment that I might potentially get hacked, just had a very strange situation happen to me.

About 15-20 minutes ago as I was flying through Krasarang Wilds into Valley of the Four Winds, I got a message from some person saying they were getting camped on their server and wanted an invite to kill a mob for a second. I thought "why not," invited them, then when they declined and invited me, I accepted. <removed>

About two seconds later two other people (I believe they were both from Blackrock) joined, <removed>

I only had time to notice the person who invited me was a fresh DK in the starting zone, and that these other two people were from what I saw was blackrock before the group was quickly disbanded.

Should I be worried about some sort of hacking attempt? Not sure what can happen over the game, but I found this whole scenario to be extremely suspicious.

For now I have to get off, seeing as it is 5am and I need some sleep, but I would love it if someone could answer this so I can check up on it in the morning :)

Thank you and have a nice day/evening!

I redacted the names, Chessie, they really aren't important - and we don't 'call out' players on the forums.

Anyway, could be a number of things, including mistaken identity, but if your question is can they in any way gain access to your account information from grouping with you, the answer to that is no, no they can't.

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