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Same problem here with L90 Pandaren Monk on Doomhammer at 9:05 AM EST. Can log in with this toon, but the other is "character not found."

Edit: Issue appears resolved. Able to log in at 9:30 AM.
Can't even log on my server, let alone my toons (US-Turalyon).
This happened to half my guild, (Us-Exodar), for hours they couldn't get in and at first was in stormwind(it seemed to have started there). So I avoided logging off in Stormwind, however, now its doing it everywhere, Dalaran, Vale, and even in inns. I can't log on any of my toons, and if I happen to log in, every time I try to go someplace new it says "instance not found".

Please fix this.

Edit: I managed to find out that if you log out in world(rather than cities and inns) the issue is less likely to happen, however I can not travel anywhere since it ports me back and replies "Instance not found". So its stay logged off, or login and not go anywhere like remote chat.
"Character not found" - my druid Fingal@Tanaris. Restarted game, no change.
Can not log into the following toons, get an error: Character not found:

Eazycheezay, Mal'Ganis
Eazycheez, Mal'Ganis
this is pissing me off get a day off and i cant play lol

im loggged out in jade forest

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