<Gundibabe> Barthilas 4 Nights 1/13H

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for 2-3 players to complete a 12-13 person roster

Looking In Particular

1 x Hunter or 1 x Tank (Warrior, Monk) Or 1 x Death Knight DPS
1 x Mage
1 x Hybrid ( Shaman or Druid) Who has the ability to heal smart and not just tunnel grid
1 x Rogue

Also looking for exceptional players etc

If you are a Project/Undergeared, expect to see alot of raid time and not give your !@#$ gear as an excuse for %^-* performance

Raid times -

Wednesday 730-1130
Thursday 730-1130
Sunday 730-1130
Monday 730-1130

Basically Decided sick of pugging and waiting around for people, need dedicated people who can play for themselves and also play for team on a consistant basis

Come find Likesombode or Jaxsta ingame for info

PS: Please dont bother if you take things to heart and are a soft person in general, need people who can take !@#$ and also give %^-* out IN RAID.


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