just ordered character appearence change

Customer Support
it wont let me change from Troll to Tauren can someone help me out...the icon popped up and everything
omg I was supposed to click on race change.....is their any way for me to get refund so I can order the race change instead please
I have not used the appearance change
You most likely can get a refund for it since you did just purchase it, but it won't be something that can be done over the forums. You need to call, webchat or submit a ticket to Billing so they can look into getting your money back.


Game: World of Warcraft
Topic: I have an issue with a purchase or payment
Topic Details: I want a refund for a purchase I made.
Additional Details: I want a refund for a Character or Guild Service.

That should get you in contact with the right department for getting your refund.
alright thank you just submitted my ticket

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