Mage LF 1700+ RBG group

Emerald Dream
Greetings friends! I am looking for an RBG group looking to fill a core spot (Mage). I would prefer it be a team 1700+ that’s looking to go 2k+ this season. I don’t mind server transferring, nor do I mind faction switching. I have 1900 experience, and currently sitting around 1800 for this season. If I need to be a specific guild then so be it. I just want a consistent group that wants to put in the effort/hours to go far. Thanks guys!
What's your Battle Tag?

I have a semi-core bunch that I run with and we just recently broke 1800, near 1900. I'm in the process of trying to get my core group under one banner (the guild I'm in now) but until that happens, it would be nice to have a 1700+ Mage that we can call on. Mage is one of those classes that we have trouble finding, but love running with.
Sounds great man! My battle tag is Orthodox#1139 so hit me up. I will also look at transferring if you decide you want to keep me.

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