Got jumped, looking for advice

Got jumped by a blood DK (also in PvE gear, he's got 20ish ilevel on me) while doing dailies. I tried my best to fight him off, but any damage I'd get on him he'd just Death Strike through and kick my teeth in.

What I remember:
(Started combat with 2 shadow orbs)
>opened with PS:P, got a shield up
>juked the Mind Freeze with Vamp Touch, he applied diseases
>got Mind Blast (15.8k...wee) off while he was fleeing
>he Gripped me to him
>used Void Tendril to get distance
>popped DP and got off 1/2 a channel of Mind Flay: Insanity (got Silenced)
things went downhill about here as he was able to stick to me
>he used AMS
>I dropped a feather and ran
>waited for AMS to drop, then I refreshed PW: P
>used Divine Star

next thing I knew, I was dead and 2 of his buddies were circling on mounts above. I decided to log instead of get camped for the next half hour or more.

Aside from stocking up on PvP gear (already plan on doing that), any tips for dealing with DKs?
Do you know what spec the DK was? Blood spec regen off of Death Strike doesn't work off PvP damage so there was probably something else going on there. If he was a frost dk and blew his cooldowns and/or trinkets on you (you, not having PvP gear) he would have just taken you apart.

All I could really suggest is to disperse through his burst and do everything you can to keep distance between you and him. Both frost and unholy can be pretty hard to survive though without help from others, especially if he outgears you and you don't have PvP gear.
I know exactly what you are talking about, I came across a DK today I think he was blood.. 480k HP I'd pop everything get him low and he'd heal to full... EVERYTIME.. I went OOM! I decided to spectral guise and run.. theres no way they're equal.. magic,sick heals and melee get out of here! I guess they are so gay blizzard made them great plus they seem to attract the younger croud maybe blizzard wanted to make them easy to play.
No, he was definitely Blood because he came at me with Bone Shield up. Here he is:

According to General Chat and a few guildies, I just need to stay away from that area if I'm flagged because he and his friends (also Blood DKs) "own Krasarang Wilds".

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