Insight is a 10 man Semi-Harcore raiding guild on the high pop server Sargeras. We are looking to have a large progression push in ToT and need the right people with Amazing DPS to do it with. We are currently 5/13 HM in ToT and are looking to acquire the following classes:



    ()*Tank (Prot Paladin, BM Monk)

Our raid times are Tues/Weds/Sun from 8pm-12pm Server/EST or 5pm-9pm PST. We expect all new recruits to have 100% attendance or near that and we only recruit CORE raiding spots, not bench. We have a healthy raiding environment were everyone is part of the strategy process. With a combination of a friendly guild and everything you could possibly consume during raids (That's right we provide FREE repairs/food/flasks/pots/COOKIES!), creates a great recipe for Success.

We are looking for classes with 520+ilvl and extensive knowledge of their class. We need our recruits to be Hard-Mode-Ready! Having that said you should be at least 12/12 normal in ToT and/or some Heroic -Mode experience in previous Tiers. We value situational awareness and do not tolerate standing in fire, or simply not knowing the encounter.

If you are interested or have any additional questions you can contact me JayVo via BattleTag @ JayVo#1486. Thank you and have a nice day.

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