(H )< Dawn of Ages> (10m) recruiting

Burning Legion
Background: Dawn of Ages began raiding mid 5.1 and downed 16/16N before 5.2. We are a hardworking bunch who is always pushing for progression, although our progression has been slowed due to the loss of some very skilled players via RL. Now we are at it again in 5.2 and hitting it hard!

Goal: My personal goal is to start a second group to have a fun, enjoyable, and competitive group who pushes new content every week!

Times: Tuesday (8pm-12pm) and Thursday (8pm-12pm) server

Expectations: We will provide all food, flasks, and potions for our raids. We are generally good about helping with enchants, but to be surprised if you have to get it yourself. We do want you to make time to do your dailies, lfrs, etc etc and all other raid related activities.

Recruitment: I will currently be reviewing anyone interested just send me an in-game mail or whisper. Happy Hunting and I look forward to raiding with you all very soon :D

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