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If folks would be so kind...

I'm debating a profession setup for my rogue. Hordeside, Blood Elf

She's an orphan, a thief living on the streets of orgrimmar, can't talk due to an incident when she was younger, and really has no BASIS for any of the more complicated skills due to lack of training. (She could have been picked up by a tutor though?)

I'm trying to think of what profession would fit her (As well as actually be useful from an OOC/moneymaking perpective, she's planned to be my hordeside main)
If I were you, young one, I would pick up Skinning. It's profitable, to a certain extent, depends on your realm's economy.

Well, crap. I didn't look at yer profile before saying the above.
I'd g0 with gathering professions, even a mentally ill child can pick up flowers and rocks (though mining from nodes might need a wee bit of instruction).

As someone who plays a non-speaking character, I must ask why the character doesn't speak. This sort of thing can be done well or done poorly.

Where was she born? Is she a child? Why is she in Orgrimmar instead of her homeland with other elves?
Perhaps you can tweak your backstory a bit to allow for proper training? I wouldn't give yourself a history that has nothing behind it... a child that grows up unable to speak, no social connection and has no skills whatsoever wouldn't get much further than a monkey, and you'd probably be dead or in a prison somewhere by now.

Perhaps you could have joined a thieves guild at some point and got injured during a job and rejected? That would give you plenty of time to amass survival skills, as well as a reason for your condition.

Kialla's a mute herself... I can give you a brief rundown on her history for an example if you'd like.
Kialla's a mute herself... I can give you a brief rundown on her history for an example if you'd like.

I was mostly curious if it was a character with no voice, or if it were a case of being wild/not exposed to language during the critical development window, abuse (/trauma from), brain damage, or a missing tongue, mental handicap or a pervasive developmental disorder.

The last thing I wanted was someone trying to use magic to circumvent the pretty major character hook. (Someone trying to use magic on the little guy to fix him will likely take an arrow to the knee.)

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