Looking for a PvP Guild

I am looking to join a PvP Guild that actively runs RBG's and Arenas. I am looking to gain more experience in PvP and achieve a higher rating in Arenas and RBG's. Currently, I have Just the Two of Us: 1550 and have just recently started RBG's. Are there any guilds that are looking for a Frost Mage and/or an Arms Warrior?

EDIT: I have Skype and Ventrillo and am able to download other communication programs if needed
Good LF App. Some suggestions if I may. Unless a guild uses skype for RBGs do not join them, anything else such as vent which hosts a server is subject to a list of problems, in which skype is a lot better for PvP. And if I may add research players of legitiment high ranking which play and tutorial for your class/spec. They can give you tips on things like RBGs, Arenas, PvP in general, class tips/tricks etc. Then you can pretty much do anything.

My lock in Cata for instance was 'Simplexity', he was the foundation for how I learned to play affliction, and I highly suggest finding someone who is exellent at the class.

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