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The noble gave a begrudging nod of satisfaction at the faint sound of boots marching in unison -other races with enhanced senses had also picked up on it, but none of them knew what it signified. So the Master had, after all, managed to pull this whole operation off without either the Horde, Alliance, or Pandaren being any the wiser. The noble took a quick gulp of whiskey from a decanter on a nearby table and began walking up the steps to the main announcement platform. The platform was the center of the main floor, and perfectly situated to be viewed from the two other tiers of floors above it.

"May I have your attention please!" his well-trained voice carried to the top floors with ease, and the various ambassadors and leaders gradually ceased their conversing and turned to the man. "My name is Moloch von Zinzer, and I will be the one providing most of tonight's entertainment. If you will please direct your attention to the doors, we can begin the real events of this gathering." This announcement was immediately followed by a crashing sound as the doors on all levels burst open. Soldiers clad in black -black armor, black clothing, black gas masks- filed into the building, surrounding the guests and blocking off all escape. They were of all races, and none of their uniforms had any marks identifying them as belonging to any specific faction.

The faint sound of yells and gunfire accompanied their entrance: clearly, someone elsewhere in the compound was resisting. The more peaceable representatives looked around in confusion, while the warriors -King Varian and Garrosh Hellscream among them- eyed the soldiers, searching for some sign of weakness that they could exploit. One such soldier walked through the gathering up to Moloch, handing him a strange-looking, boxy pistol. The noble accepted it and checked the chamber to make sure it was loaded before addressing the gathering once more.

"I'm very happy that so many of the leaders of Azeroth agreed to come here: it will make our task much, much easier." The soldiers on all three levels raised their weapons, aiming at the guests. "You see, I represent a... call it a concerned third party. Unfortunately, your continued existence on Azeroth has become quite superfluous, and as such, your services are no longer required. Not one of you will be leaving alive."
Hello and welcome to the Day of Ashes. This is an RP set in a parallel timeline, of sorts, featuring the rise of the Cabal. Before I get into the meat of the matter, here are some ground rules.

1) No Mary Sues, Gary Stus, no godmodding, etc. We all know the drill by now.
2) Posts must be at least 6 full lines in length. Try to keep decent grammar.
3) My word is, ultimately, the law.

Day of Ashes is set during the war in Pandaria, but just shortly before the Horde begins to splinter. A "concerned third party" has contacted the Horde, Alliance, and Pandaren, offering to host a peace summit in a complex of buildings in the Kun-Lai mountains. Most of the faction leaders agree, but are reluctant to trust the others: as such, various intelligence agencies hire and send agents and bodyguards to ensure that their leaders are protected. You are one of those agents, and after the Day of Ashes, all players will form a team to try to stop the Cabal from carrying out its plan.

All players will be a part of or working for SI:7, the Horde equivalent thereof, or a third party such as the Cenarion Circle. You are allowed to make up your own third parties. Sign-ups are as follows.

Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.)
Physical appearance without armor:
Skill Set/Fighting Style

NPC sign-up sheet

Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Independent, Just-Made-Up-Group, etc.)
Physical Appearance:
Prior Relationship to PC: (if any)
Player List

Dristis: Adrian Octavian

Valamunre: Faith Clohessy

Kialla: Kialla

Sydric: Sydric Silverhawk

Bryah: Bryah Starstrider, Sandara Starstrider

Maraph: Maraph Dencune

Derri: Leyissa Shadeleaf

Sammuroth: Sammuroth Stormfury

Twovtwo: Altheria Darkarrow

Lia: Nishara Moonblade, Renlis Darkbane
Reserved. You know I love a good Ein thread :)
Great! And yes, you can bring in the Black Legion for this.
Great! And yes, you can bring in the Black Legion for this.

You and I would have to discuss what you want done if I were to do that.

*Wicked grin*
Name: Adrian Octavian
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Marksman.
Affiliation: SI 7
Physical appearance without armor: Just standing at six feet, he's a slim built quite built muscularly. Hair is a few inches long yet always seems like he just got out of bed. Always has short facial hair. His body is marked with scars from deployments.

Armor: Cloth jacket and trousers, with tiger-striped camouflage made up of brown, green and black. Black boots and tough leather gloves, his torso is protected by a plate vest adorned in pouches carrying his ammunition, explosives and tools. His thighs and biceps/triceps have plate pieces on the front and back protecting his main arteries. He has a pair of engineering goggles that enhance his vision in various settings.

Weapons: His rifle, a semi-automatic and gas fed weapon with interchangable optics and barrel. It has a bipod and a bayonet as well. Crossing his lower back he has a pair of Gladius swords and on his left hip he has a revolver. He carries an assortment of explosives ranging from fragmentation and incendiary grenades to shaped explosive charges.

Skill Set/Fighting Style: Preferably ranged, but he can hold his own in hand to hand combat.

Backstory: Raised in Elwynn forest on their family farm, Adrian grew up with his brother. He was given an air rifle at a young age and showed extraordinary prowess with ranged weapons. At 18 he joined the Stormwind Army and was deployed to Draenor. After Illidan's defeat, he was sent back to Stormwind for several months before being part of the Alliance spearhead to Northrend, fighting in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills and only a little bit of time in Icecrown.

Returning from Northrend, he was assigned to a quick reaction force that was able to deploy anywhere around Azeroth in a matter of hours. After several months of this work, he retired as a Sergeant and now takes work as a contractor, where he was recently hired by SI:7 for a security detail.
I would like to make a reserve for this, I am thinking a force of the Ebon Blade? Seems like a good opportunity to have death knights serve a good purpose. Anyone wanting to join with me as an Ebon Blade is welcome.

Thinking about a good sign up. Be back later.
Haven't decided if I want to sign up my death knight Dristis yet
... Seems interesting, and I know this bunch will be fun to RP with.

Consider this a reserve.

Anyone wanting to join with me as an Ebon Blade is welcome.

This offer I might take up on.
Name: Kialla

Race: Draenei

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Class: Warrior(former paladin)

Affiliation: S1:7 (merc)

Description without armor: Long and dark hair starkly contrasts her pale skin, the bluish hue rendering that marks her race near bereft from her own features. She stands at about six and half feet and retains a fairly muscular tone within the softer, feminine countenance of her body. Her horns are short and swept back, ending in sharp points curling upwards. Hidden beneath her clothing, painful marks adorn her skin, scarring her torso and left arm, the remnants and reminder of the fiery magics wielded by warlocks. She often wears a red and brown dress when not in armor.

Armor: Her armor now is human forged, a heavy plate, bound with leather, and padded with a soft cotton. The metallic shine has long since tarnished, leaving it a dull white, chipped and grooved with the warded strikes that would have otherwise landed a deadly blow. Her shield however one of the few relics she yet possesses from her former home, still holds its glamour, the bluish gems still gleaming within their sockets and the shining symbol of the Narru still resolute within the crystalline surface.

Weapons: She carries two weapons, one being a silvery blade, shimmering with a blue flame to compliment her shield. The other is a large, heavy two-handed sword forged with the alliance crest set into the center of the hilt.

Skillset/fighting style: Kialla typically prefers her standard sword and board, finding the shield a much more reliable method of warding off attacks and forcing openings on her opponents. Her skill does stretch further than that, and she does find the occasional moment when the heavier blade is more effective...and she can be quite deadly with it.

Basic backstory: A former vindicator, Kialla once wielded the powers gifted by the Light. Such gifts lay beyond her capacity to draw upon since the genocide committed on her race, the voice stolen from her throat by Blackhand's warlocks. Her home city on Draenor threatened to be destroyed like the many others had been, Kialla led a defensive skirimish against a small orc warband with the hope to both deter the orcish horde and gain information on their adversary.

Her own band was victorious over the smaller orc party, her own life was left near forfeit as the sudden realization of the power the orcs now wielded left her lying, screaming in agony as the magic enveloped her body seemingly setting her own flesh blistering in shadowy flames. Prayers to the Light from her companions subdued the deceitful spells, but the damage was more extensive than what could be healed on the field.

The next several days she spent in the care of her brother, a devout priest. Though his continuous efforts and prayers did return Kialla her strength and vigor, her voice was not, leaving her unable to call upon the Light herself.

The orcs ravished the area in within the next few weeks, bringing them close to the city, and with the orders given by the elders, Kialla nd the rest of the inhabitants abandoned their home and made for Shattrath. They were quite happy to find the large city still there, hidden from the hungry, prying eyes of the Horde, though such happiness did not last long with the news that nearly their entire race was what remained there in the city.

Days later, again they left for the Zangarmarsh as the horde prepared to assault the city. To Kialla's horror, her own brother volunteered to remain behind within the city and stand against the horde. Even against her tears and pleading, her stout sibling refused to be swayed in his decision, and bayed her to flee the city.

The Zangarmarsh gave little reprieve to Kialla with the reflection of the loss of the majority of her race. Honing her own physical combat skills was the main outlet of her sorrow since she had lost her ability to voice her thoughts. Dutifully she later followed as Velen led the remainder of the Draenei to charge the Tempest Keep and wrestle control of the Exodar. Since it's untimely and rough arrival on Azuremyst Isle, she has served in the Alliance military, helping to batter off the Horde and the Burning Legion.
Dristis, accepted. Feel free to bring the DK if you want.

Kialla, accepted.
Name: Sydric Silverhawk

Race: Sindorei

Age: 235

Gender: male

Class: Death Knight

Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.) Ebon Blade

Physical appearance without armor: Pale skin with a slight blue tinge, his musculature was fairly well preserved upon his death, being a warrior in life. His blue glowing eyes have lost all the green from the fel addiction, they are cold and fearless. Down his left side is a long scar that has been stitched and sealed with necromantic energy. It was deep enough to have killed him, but not long enough to impair his basic functions in undeath. His body is riddled with long since sealed scars small in nature, marking his long history of battles.

Armor: As a blacksmith, Sydric has learned to make the finest armor in Pandaria, but he likes the look of his original saronite and incorporates the same colors of deep black with the matte finish that does not reflect the light. The ghost iron mixed with the other metals takes on a special property of being exceptionally tough and not easy to penetrate. His helm is not spiked but curves protectively over his features, giving him ease of vision as well as protection.

Weapons: Syd favors the axe, it is one of his finest works, with a wicked sharp blade and a hook on the other end to enable him to sometimes disarm his opponent. He also likes to use two blades in tandem, one long and one short. His own work again, the long blade slightly curved and double edged with razor sharpness. The short blade is thin and sharp, used to get into the cracks of his opponents armor.

Skill Set/Fighting Style: Using all of his death knight skills, he likes to freeze his enemies in their tracks and then lay on a thick infusion of disease, slowly draining his enemies strength. He is quick and agile for a warrior, dancing around in a dizzying array of moves to confuse and attack from all angles.

Backstory: Sydric was part of the forces arrayed with Kael'Thas in the battle for Silvermoon City. He fought alongside the best on the front lines and was able to cut down many Scourge before being overwhelmed with numbers. Forced to fight his own countrymen and kin.

He was born on the Isle of Quel'Danas. His family part of the minor nobles that supported the King. His entire House was decimated except for a very few who managed to escape the slaughter and portaled out taking servants and some pieces of art that have survived since the journey of the elves to the Eastern Kingdoms. These precious heirlooms have been secreted away for safe keeping.

He is now dedicated to the Ebon Blade, serving as a Captain, he leads a small contingent of fellow Death Knights as an elite force to be sent to investigate the rumors of this Cabal.

I do have a couple of questions though.

Would I be able to have two characters, one with the Farstriders and one with the Ebon Blade?

Is the Ebon Blade contingent just horde death knights or alliance as well?
Sydric, accepted. You'll be working with the Shattered Hand (Horde intelligence) for the moment.

Would I be able to have two characters, one with the Farstriders and one with the Ebon Blade?

Is the Ebon Blade contingent just horde death knights or alliance as well?

As to the first, yes you would.

As to the second, both. Players will be working with either SI:7 or the Shattered Hand at first, and then after the Day of Ashes will join together in one single group. If all goes as planned, I'll pick a group leader from whoever signs up and they'll help with advancing the story along.
Cool, now to decide which dk to use, belf or nelf

Reserve two spots for me.
I have never seen an Ein thread:/

That being said must say it sounds interesting can't wait to see whose sign ups you accept, so far it is shaping up to be a good thread:D

Can't wait to read, and follow it:3
Very tempting. Thinking of either Belf Rogue, Tauren Shaman (big Baine supporter), or an Orc Warr.
Name: Bryah Starstrider
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: Almost 80, she is is similar in maturity to a human woman of approximately 25
Gender: Female
Class: Scout
Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.) The Farstriders

Physical appearance without armour: 5'9” tall with a slender build. She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair that she wears tucked behind her left ear and jade green eyes.

Armor: Simple black leather armor, a long black cape lined with black wolf fur, that has a hood to cover her head and is reversible. She has two leather pouches that she keeps on her belt that carry almost anything she may need,

Weapons: A small collapsible crossbow that she keeps in a pouch that is attached to her right thigh. On her back she carries a larger, more sturdy crossbow that has better range and more power than the smaller one. On her left hip she wears a large dagger that really only is used for defensive purposes.

Skill Set/Fighting Style: She's a marksman that is deadly over long distances or close up, however her real skill is being able to track almost anything that moves.

Backstory: Orphaned in her mid teens, Bryah was raised by her older sister and managed to join the Farstriders. She showed skill in tracking animals and was trained in the ways of the scout. Her skills now are used by the Silvermoon City Guards in tracking down criminals, however she will occasionally be used in operations that require her working with other members of the horde. Her work has also required her to work with the alliance and she has a limited understanding of common.


Name: Sandara Starstrider (Bryah's mother)
Race: Quel'Dorei
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Class: death knight
Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.) The Ebon Blade

Physical appearance without armor: Sandi keeps her long red hair tied back in a bun. She is approximately 5'9" in height and 150 pounds. Although she keeps it covered by her armour, Sandi has a three inch scar just below her ribs from the blow that killed her.

Armor: She wears plate armour that is a series of interlocking metal plates that is designed to give as much protection as possible while still offering large range of movement. The armour itself is ice blue in colour and looks almost like the scaly hide of a dragon or large lizard. The helm has a single piece that covers the back and sides of her head while a mesh like metal work covers the face. (think a plate metal version of the mask worn by olympic fencers)

Weapons: She carries two long, curved sabres, one on each hip.

Skill Set/Fighting Style. She prefers to use a combination of cold, diseases and quick, short attacks from her sabres when fighting.

Backstory: Sandara Starstrider was a Farstrider that fought in the third war and died defending Silvermoon City. Sometime later, she awoke in Archerus as a death knight in the service of the Lich King. She has spent the years since regaining her freedom at Light's Hope Chapel getting to know her family all over again and doing small jobs for the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

(Let me know if there's anything I need to change)
I'm going to have to think about this...

I'll reserve this post for now.

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