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I could have sworn i read the bit and saw that you mentioned a group of black-clad personeel.

But pardon my memory I 'm a little under the influence.

I claim this page in the name of Guinness.
I claim this page in the name of Guinness.

I have no idea what that is, but NOPE.jpg
You wacky Aussies. It's an Irish draught
Lia... Guinness is an Irish beer. A type of stout I believe. (Friends who drink way too much beer, I prefer white wine myself)

Ein regarding the confusion about a kill squad, you wrote
04/27/2013 08:58 AMPosted by Einherrjar
Just so there is no confusion: the group that Zherami gunned down was the one that Syd mentioned in his post, not Syd's group.

The only squad mentioned in Syd's post was
They passed a kill team and Sydric waved his rifle and pointed to the path, hoping to divert them away from the treeline.
You wacky Aussies. It's an Irish draught


Okay well that's fine then. Though I prefer rum.

Also this is Lia just being lazy.
My bad. Coulda sworn he mentioned a Horde group in his post.

Retcon: it was some random, non-kill-squad group.
Last time I had rum was a double-shot before I went to Infantry OSUT.

It didn't end well.
ok I hate it but I posted,

Me: Dang it Sam why do you always have to be the nice guy, and wait for everyone else to leave, and making me have to catch up.

Sam: Yes

Me: >_<
Post is up, and goodnight, everyone.
Hope people notice the two newcomers >_>

Not trying to sound pushy or anything
Sandi noticed them, she spoke briefly to the dk. She's actually waiting for him to respond.
Oh! Just noticed, my bad xD
I'll get a post up once I get home from work. :)
Incidentally, the idea here is for you to capture the gunship. It's only 8-1 odds, after all. Nothing too bad.
Okay Sam has thrown down a plan, to take the airship, I think it is pretty good myself:3

also if Ein says that Sam's plan will work figured Bryah could lay it out for everyone else
so Sam could go, and find the staging area:3
Oh yes!! Capture the gunship, can I man one of the guns after? I am sure there are a couple personnel left inside we need to take out right?

Just to clarify, is the gunship down in a meadow somewhere in the forest or still in the open before the treeline? Also I am picturing the group of us as off to one side rather than directly in front of the ship? (with the gunship pointed a certain direction, maybe use North, south or whatever direction so we can plan a little better?)
It's in front of the treeline. As I've mentioned, there are 50 soldiers sweeping the woods, 10 inside the gunship, and Zherami, the captain, and two others in front of the gunship. The gunship is pointed towards the woods.

Consult the IC for a more detailed description of tactics, weapons, and armor.
yay someone likes Sam's idea:D
Posted! I'll be gone for a few hours, so won't be checking back in till about 8:00 pacific time.
Damn! Anyway, can Kialla write? I am working on a way for her to tell Sandi her plan, at the moment it looks like it's either writing or gestures that get the idea across. Btw the first thing Sandi is planning to do when they get the ship is fly it over to the reception hall and send a rogue in after the crystal.

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