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I'll drop a reserve as well, this sounds like fun. :3

EDIT: ((Also, Hai Val ^_^))
Name: Faith Clohessy
Age: 23 (at death)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Death Knight
Affiliation: Ebon Blade
Physical Appearance without armor: Faith stands at 5'4 (and a half, mind you), with her pale complexion and black as night hair. The only thing that stands out about her hair, which is typically seen in a bun tied up on her head, is a single grey streak seen through out her hair-do. When her hair is taken down to comb through, it sits at the front of head, noticeable to all who stare at her.

She has the eyes common of those risen to life yet again; an eerie, glowing blue. Her cheeks have hollowed and her body is covered in scars, as are most war veterans and those of her kind. The most remarkable loss of her time as a warrior, is that she lost half her leg a time after she had been released from the Lich King's grasp. Instead of leaving it be and using a cane, she had made her own prosthetic leg out of wood, allowing herself to strap it on and off whenever she pleased.

Armor: Faith has grown tired of her former Death Knight wear and now dawns a new set of armor. It blacks and grey, the chest piece representing a skeletal set of ribs. The shoulders protect her up to her neck, being trimmed with grey, intricate detailing through out the entire piece. The gloves she wears are of the same detailing as her shoulders, covering each finger. The pants are of a simple black, the knees spreading out grey, spike styled points on her thighs and shins. The belt she wear is all black, a tiny skull adorning the belt buckle. Her boots are of the same style as her belt, two straps on each around the ankle, skulls placed there as well. Her cloak is a simple black trimmed with grey, able to wrap itself completely around her if she so desired. The final piece of her armor, the helm, is but a grey with black horns, revealing only the T of her face, if she puts it on.

Weapons: She prefers using her two elegant swords, one a cutlass, the other a typical long sword. If she so happens to lose balance, she'll use her long sword as a little pick-me-up. She sharpens them often enough, so it doesn't become dull from her wrong usage of the weapon. At her hip, hangs a pistol, for an emergency situation. Though she's clever with swords, she'd rather be safe than sorry.

Skill Set/Fighting Style: She would rather think and then act, a strategist at heart rather than a blood lusting fighting, though times have changed, and her blood lust comes and goes. At those times, she will act like a typical Death Knight, torturing a man and relishing in the decimation of him. Afterward, she'll feel guilty, and not use her acquired skills as a Death Knight for at least a day or two.

Backstory: Faith doesn't remember too much of her life before was risen. She only knows her name from seeing a tombstone in an old graveyard, if that was even hers. She recalls growing up in a small town and was eager to fight for the Alliance. She was a paladin, and when she was finally sent out, she hadn't expected what they were fighting to be so vicious. She lived only a day or two after being out on the front lines, swiftly taken down by a group of the Scourge. After that, she had become a Death Knight, under the command of Arthas. When they were freed, Faith had a hard time comprehending what to do with her life. She was disrespected and sheltered herself away from society for a time, in the process, losing her leg when a group of humans chased her out of their town, making sure she'd never come by again.

In the time frame, she hadn't trusted anybody but the Ebon Blade, where her true dedications lie. She returned to the Alliance warily, making sure it was safe and wanting to make amends, and one day, hoping to find someone she might recognize from her past.

EDIT: First DK toon with actual background. If you guys have any tips, please, do let me know!

Hi, Twovtwo, though I don't recall who you are, sorry >_>
Name: Maraph Dencune
Race: Worgen
Age: 17(appearance) 21(actuall age)(will be explained in backstory)
Gender: Male
Class: Druid
Affiliation: Cenarion Circle
Physical appearance without armor: Human: He stands at 5"7, has neck length blonde hair that slightly curls at the end, a pair of half-moon glasses, and has a tattoo of the Cenarion Circle's insignia on his right cheek and it goes over his right eye making the tattoo incomplete unless he closes the eye. Worgen: He stands at 8"2 with blood red eyes, black fur and a dark mane that seems to be darker than black.
Armor: He wears a black leather trench coat, brown leather boots and pants, both with metal gaurds on the shins, and top of the feet. He also wears a pair of green fingerless gloves with druidic symbols on them. He weilds no weapon as he prfers to either fight with his magic or claws and fangs when in worgen form.
Weapons: None
Skill Set/Fighting Style: Mainly magic or claws and fangs
Backstory: Maraph was once a farm boy in Gilneas but after being bitten by a worgen and regaining his senses he remebers that while under the influence of his more feral side he had tracked down his family of his mother, father and little sister and killed them. He beleives that he can never make up for what he did but now wishes to dedicate the rest of life to protecting living beings and will only kill an enemy if it absolutley necassery or if doing so will save many other lives in the future. The main issue he runs into is that due to a mutation of the worgen curse his human form will always appear as the age when he was bitten, despite the fact that he still ages internally(bones, organs, etc...), albeit at a slower rate than a human, which in turn makes many people either underestimate him or not give him proper respect, thinking he is just a simple child, before he loses his temper shows them not to underestimate him.
Harddrive crashed, sorry mates, I'll put up my signup tomorrow when I have more time. Also Val, Grim Darkarrow, that academy thing, Silvestris, me getting kicked out of the thread because I felt I got bulls**ted and she was looking for a reason to boot me anyway. Ummm....I'm struggling to think of anything else to help you recall me, but I may have been posting from another toon, Tsukinoha, Blinded I think those were the two I did most of my posting on...
Looks kind of interesting, if sign-ups are still being accepted, I'd like to try and get back into the swing for forum-writing.

Name: Leyissa Shadeleaf

Race: Night Elf

Age: Early hundreds or so, in terms of maturity equivalent to a human in their early/mid twenties.

Gender: Female

Class: Skirmisher/Swashbuckler-type rogue

Affiliation: Mercenary, on-loan to SI:7

Physical appearance without armor: Leyissa stands tall at about 7'1", with light-violet skin and locks of white hair. She has a pair of dark purple markings under each eye, similar in shape to half of an oak leaf.

Armor: Leyissa wears a set of dark leather armor, criss-crossed in straps that sheath weapons or hold pouches and reinforced with metal rings on the forearms, legs, and shoulders. She is commonly seen wearing a wide-brimmed, black hat to keep her hair out of the way, a simple strap of corded leather keeping it from flying off as she moves.

She carries a heavy pack of various mechanical parts and pieces, along with a dark brown robe commonly worn over her armor when travelling.

Weapons: Leyissa carries a large knife sheathed on her back as well as a bandolier of throwing knives across her chest, as well as numerous tools and gadgets to support herself with in combat. From smoke pellets and blinding powder to engineering creations that allow her to generate electrical shocks or a parachute and more. Primarily a hand-to-hand fighter, she also carries a pair of heavy, spiked 'knuckles' that she wields along with her knife.

Skill set/Fighting style: Leyissa is an agile fighter, relying on speed and reflexes to stay safe, while she slowly whittles away at her opponent with fist and knife, waiting for the right time to finish them off. Not one for hiding in shadows, she instead conceals numerous devices and tools on her person for use in combat, using them to distract or incapacitate multiple opponents, or to create an opening on one for a kill.

Backstory: young for her race, Leyissa is skilled in skirmish/guerrilla combat, but lacks the experience of her elders. Partially due to her young age, she was enthralled by the world of machines and engineering familiar to the other races of the Alliance, and dove eagerly into tinkering and invention.

Leyissa has never been good with languages, able to speak a poor common, and absolutely helpless at anything else. Despite this, she is drawn to the world outside those lands inhabited by her kin, and spends more time with humans and gnomes and dwarves than she does with other elves. Her quick wits, quicker reflexes, and clever use of gadgets has helped her earn a fair living as both a freelance mercenary and part-time entertainer, allowing her to adapt well with the outside world despite her poor grasp of their languages.

At the same time, however, the traditions of her kin and history of her family have left their mark. Leyissa was raised to form a strong dislike for the fel and arcane arts that continues to this day, distrusting those that practice with such magics and staying away from them herself.
Maraph, accepted.

Bryah, accepted.

Derri, accepted.

Val, I am a little reluctant to accept since it seems like we're starting to get a little DK-heavy. (If Dristis signs up his DK, we'll be up to three, which is the upper limit for me.) Is there any other character(s) you'd be willing to sign up? If not, accepted.
Sooo !@#$ing reserved. I'll make a signup shortly.
Twovtwo, you could've just mentioned you were Tsuki and I would've remembered. Not the whole ordeal that went down >.>


Val, I am a little reluctant to accept since it seems like we're starting to get a little DK-heavy. (If Dristis signs up his DK, we'll be up to three, which is the upper limit for me.) Is there any other character(s) you'd be willing to sign up? If not, accepted.

It would've been my first DK to RP, but I understand. Lemme' try to search up which other toon I'll be using, then I'll post it up.
I'm probably not signing up my DK so Val should be fine.
I'm probably not signing up my DK so Val should be fine.

That would be nice if I am fine :)
Okay Val, accepted.

If anyone wants to sign up an additional character, that would be great.

I'm going to wait another day to see if anyone else signs up, and then I'll put the IC thread up. Sign-ups will stay open for a couple weeks after that.

One final thing: I am hoping to appoint a group leader form someone who has signed up, and hopefully we can coordinate on plot lines. Val and Dristis, would either of you want that job?
Meh why not might as well throw in a sign up *shrug*

Name: Sammuroth Stormfury

Race: Night Elf

Age: 10,100

Gender: Male

Class: Druid (Feral)

Affiliation: Cenarion Circle

Physical Appearanc without Armor: Stuck in his felin form Sammuroth stands at 3' 6" tall on all forus, he has white fur, and amber eyes.

Armor: Four magical anklets, which increase the strength and duration of his Barkskin spell.

Weapons: Well he is a cat so I am going to go with teeth, and claws:P

Skill Set/ Fighting Style: Sammuroth excels at both assassination, and face to face fights, using his speed, and feline agility to stay one step ahead of his opponents. Being a strategist he will also use subterfuge, and stealth to surprise his opponent, even in the midst of a fight. He studies his opponents to find their weaknesses, and exploits them, in order to achieve victory, though he will only kill those he believes deserve to die. He is calm, and collected in battle, rarely does he allow his emotions to influence him during battle.

Backstory:Born 100 years before the War of the Ancients, into a Highborne family of mages. Disliking the arcane he took up the sword, when Azshara unleashed the Burning Legion onto Azeroth, his family was ordered to help keep the portal stable. Not wanting his family to fall deeper into corruption than they already had, he killed them before fleeing Zin'Azshari. He did however try and save his older sister Moriana, but she did what he couldn't and took her own life. During the war he fought against a demon called Uk'thok, seeing the same anger and hatred in the young warrior that gave him his power, the demon placed a curse on Sammuroth, depositing his soul along with the curse.

After the war and the exile of the Highborne Sam took up the druidic arts, which was where his curse made itself apparent. When he finally accomplished the feline animal transformation, the curse caused him to remain in that form, being activated by the natural feral rage, that came with the transformation. After the Third War and the fall of the World Tree, Sammuroth has spent his time helping those in need of both factions, being a member of the Cenarion Circle, he is tolerated in most Horde settlements. He has also been searchiing for a way to remove his curse.
Twovtwo, you could've just mentioned you were Tsuki and I would've remembered. Not the whole ordeal that went down >.>

Sorry about that :(, I was just listing off anything and everything I could think of because I wasn't sure which character I was using when I used to post.
Name: Altheria Darkarrow

Race: Blood elf

Age: The equivalent of 26

Gender: Female

Class: Warrior

Affiliation: Darkarrow Manor

Physical appearance without armor: She has little fat on her body, making her individual muscle groups visual (ie. shoulder and bicep and tricep would stand out from eachother) small chest and thinner hips because of this. Her eyes are a very deep green in comparison to others of her kind, and she has long black hair usually pulled back in a messy bun. She has 4 earrings down each ear, and in order from the tip to lobe, the colors of the stones go red, green, white, purple.

Armor:Heavy plate boots, a long chainmail shirt, and a single shoulderplate on her right(nondominant) arm, as well as a helm similar to the warrior Tier 7 helm in appearance.

Weapons: A Silvery Polearm (I don't know how else to word the color, I just woke up ^_^)

Skill Set/Fighting Style: Basic warrior skills, Dragon Roar, Stormbolt, I'm also bringing back Death Wish for this one cos it's the perfect warrior skill for her ^_^

Backstory: Being the oldest of Grim's 9 children, Altheria was the third to meet her father. When her mother had fallen gravely ill, Al had been told that her father wasn't dead, as she had been led to believe through her childhood, and knew of how to help. A newfound anger in her heart, she set out at once to find her "father" and recruit his assistance. Upon finding Grim, he refused to assist them, breaking out in a battle between father and daughter. In the end, she was unable to defeat her father, but he offered her and her mother a home in Darkarrow Manor, where he assured Altheria her mother would be taken care of. Begrudgingly she accepted, and was thrust into this plot when her father turned up missing.

((Sorry this signup's kind of !@#$e, my mind's not just here tonight, but this'll give you a general kind of idea of what's up. I'm not as bad as this signup would leave you to believe, I swear!))
Samm and Two, accepted.

Alright, IC thread is up. Narrate your characters to the RV points for your respective factions, and chat with some of the other characters. Feel free to bring along an NPC or two. This is pretty much the roll call for the thread: after everyone has posted, I'll get us started.
I'll try to get a sign up for my rogue posted soon, if you are still accepting.
I won't be able to post today unless it is later on at night, sorry.

One final thing: I am hoping to appoint a group leader form someone who has signed up, and hopefully we can coordinate on plot lines. Val and Dristis, would either of you want that job?

Group leader for when everyone gets together to go against the Cabal?
Smaller post, but waiting to see how many other death knights we will have actually show up. Sydric will appear in Orgrimmar at the docks as requested in his next post.
I'll get my post up later, I have a few things to do first. However, I want to clear up one thing before I start thinking about my post. Were both of my characters, Bryah and Sandara, accepted? Or was it just Bryah?
Nice! I'll have a post up in the next couple hours.

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