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04/03/2013 01:16 PMPosted by Valamunre
One final thing: I am hoping to appoint a group leader form someone who has signed up, and hopefully we can coordinate on plot lines. Val and Dristis, would either of you want that job?

Group leader for when everyone gets together to go against the Cabal?


I'll get my post up later, I have a few things to do first. However, I want to clear up one thing before I start thinking about my post. Were both of my characters, Bryah and Sandara, accepted? Or was it just Bryah?

Both of them.
Cool, thanks!
I put my post up. Hope it was okay he got directly asked by Malfurion and Tyrande to go in this mission. I figured Malfurion would be the kind of guy to keep tabs on many druids and to be cautious about things like someone just conveniently offering a peaceful solution to a war. He is over ten thousand years old for a reason after all. Anyways, I'll post again later.
I'll get my post up soon. Dristis, Sam, do you guys want to play it as our characters knowing each other?
Yay! Now to get my post written ...
Hey guys, my hard drive died on me, so I might be a day or two before I can putvup an actual post. I'm posting from my phone atm, sorry for the inconvinience.
I don't know if you're still accepting, sir Ein, but if so here is a little character that i've been wanting to use. Make that two.

Name: Renlis Darkbane (Formerly Alidar)

Race: Human

Age: 50 when he died.

Gender: Male

Class: Death Knight

Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.) Ebon Blade

Physical appearance without armor:

Renlis stands at 6'0 with white and silver hair and lichfire blue eyes. His skin is pale as a sheet and his facial features showing early signs of age before he was killed. He'd carry a rather muscular build, proof of his many battles and many wars that he had participated in, and his littered with scars.


Renlis wears full Deathbone Guardian set, only it's colors are black and a mixture of red and blue. It'd be made with a mixture of Saornite and ghost iron, just to give it some added strength against attacks made against him. His helm, however, would look like that of a dragon's skull, made of the same material, and giving him a more fierce appearance.


His weapons of choice are two swords 'Blood Spiller' and 'Blood Drinker'. These swords look like the Red Sword of Courage, and are etched with runes of blood and frost.

((Picture for reference

Skill Set/Fighting Style

Renlis' choice of combat is full on and full out. Being a Blood Death knight, he uses his swords to attempt to make the biggest, bloodiest mess out of his foes. Once his opponents start to bleed, he will use that blood to heal him or his allies using his blood runes. If his opponent is bleeding heavily, he can then use that to create blood worms, manipulation of the person's body, or just to do very horrible things to his friends. You may find him licking the blood off his swords during or after combat.


Renlis Alidar, that was his name. That's what his name used to be.

No longer. Before he was killed, he used to be a war veteran. Most men his age would have been sitting in the Tavern drinking a mug of ale and talking about all the war stories and how they did this and that. Not Renlis. No, he was still in his fighting prime, he fought against the scourge and fought furiously for Lorderan....but it was soon enough that he was overwhelmed, and killed.

Risen, he served under the Lich King's command, he fought for the one who made him slaughter the lives of innocents and foes alike. It was only when he was released during the battle of Light's Hope that he realized what he had become, what he had did. He was no longer the strong hearted man who fought for his nation as his leaders, he had become a monster, a blood thirsty killer who thrived off the blood of his foes. He was reluctant to go back to the Alliance, and even when he did, he understood all the glares and words that were said behind his back. Even so, he didn't care, he served the Ebon Blade and the Alliance, he was a new man, and given a second chance to redeem what he did, all those years ago.

Renlis Alidar was no more, he died against the scourge. There is only Renlis Darkbane.
Name: Nishara Moonblade.

Race: Kaldorei

Age: 400 years old.

Gender: Female

Class: Monk.

Affiliation: (SI:7, Cenarion Circle, Dark Rangers, etc.) Alliance, but thanks to her older brother she sometimes help out the Cenarion Circle.

Physical appearance without armor:

Nishara stands at 6'8 with short dark blue hair and amber eyes. Her skin is a dark blue, just like most of her blood line. Her build is athletic, made to be flexible and mobile. Besides her facial marks, she has a tattoo that wraps around her upper right arm in the form of a cloud serpent, and then a symbol she made for her family's blood line, all of which she got thanks to her older brother.


Her armor is a mix of gold and blue, with large golden beads that decorate her shoulder pads and gloves. A small circlet would go around her head, and a facial mask would wrap around her face from her nose down to her neck. (Pretty much, the Tyranical Monk set)

((Pic for reference


Nishara barely uses weapons, but when she does she uses fan like weapons made of blades. They aren't actually fans, but they get their fan like appearance by the way the blades are spread out. These hang by her waist and can be infused with Chi for more devastating results.

Skill Set/Fighting Style

Nish has a mix of stances when it comes to combat. Though primary a uses of the White Tiger Stance that most Wind Walker monks use, she had been recently practicing the ways of the Jade Serpent. However, being a more close up fighter, it would be rare that she'd use such abilities unless out of combat, during combat she does what every other monk does, infuse chi with their melee attacks and then beat them to a pulp. She some times infuses the air around her with her chi to make her run faster or move more swiftly.


Nishara is the youngest of the Moonblade family. She lives with her older brother, Coron, and her cousin, Liaria Starvale in Winterspring, where they had been living for a large majority of their lives. She decided not to become a Druid of the Talon like her older brother when befriended a Pandaren named Jinto Reedwine. He taught Nishara everything she knows, and has high respects for her Pandaren teacher.

Even now she continues to learn, but has grown used to her new found abilities, fascinated by the fighting styles and the energy monks use.
Ein, I'll take the leadership role if needed.

Also, reading IC, then I'll make a post when finished.
I'll get my post up soon. Dristis, Sam, do you guys want to play it as our characters knowing each other?

was gonna ask the same, but you beat me to itXD

edit: posted, wasn't sure if you would care which group I had Sam go with, since the Circle is neutral anyway, but if you don't mind Sam going with the Horde group let me know so I can edit my post to change. If you want Sam to go with the Allaince group thats fine too, should have asked before I posted, but wanted to get something up A.S.A.P. :P
Lia, accepted.

Good posts so far, just 2 quick things.

Bryah: I specifically mentioned that Lor'themar Theron was not in attendance. The other major leaders who will not attend are Velen, Sylvannas, the Bronzebeard and Dark Iron Council members, and High Tinker Mekkatorque. Also, Anduin won't be there.

Dristis: the RV point is at the Deeprun Tram, not SI:7
Ein about my question, or is your non response supposed to tell me I did what I should have:P
Woops. I'll edit accordingly. Thought we were meeting at SI:7 then going to the tram.
Ein about my question, or is your non response supposed to tell me I did what I should have:P

Eh, doesn't make much of a difference in the end. You'll all end up working together within about 3 pages anyway, tops.
Bryah: I specifically mentioned that Lor'themar Theron was not in attendance.

Oops, sorry, I'll edit to fix that. Anything else that I need to fix while i'm at it?

EDIT: Correction posted. Let me know if there is anything else that needs changing.
Ok well since Maraph already noted Sam's prescence, I won't change anything, besides I am sure we will see everyone else before we team up anyway:P
I started one of my posts, but i'm getting tired, so I'll finish it later.
Well boredom forced me to post a lil somethin, mainly Sam acting like an old man:P
First part up. Forgive crappyness

Will get Renlis up shortly.

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