Bounty System

HA! we shell see!!!!! >:D
No we wont
So long as you have a haircut like a saiyan prince, it won't be hard to track you down =p

Now, finding your alts, that's the fun part.
Target : Gobsend and his GF Hextinction (Horde)
Bounty : 1500g
Placed by : Ihazpally the Light of Dawn, SI:7 Operative (Alliance)
Reason: Fleeing dozens of losing battles in Tol Barad and Sepent's Spine.
Chased you off the server!
Target: Vetadul (Horde) His alts are, Sippycup (Horde) / Rumor (Horde) / Muffinboots (Alliance)
Bounty: 500g
Placed by: Disguise (alliance)
Reason: He stole my Alliance boyfriend named Jeebz.
cool, 1500g!
Bounty : 1500g

wow cheap !@#
Target : Deevä
Bounty : 69g
Placed by : Choopaloop aka Dah Salty Snackpacks aka the up and coming Matzo Rank 1
Reason: Being a phat sloot.

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