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What would you rather do 2v2 with...


Any opinions or reasons why would be appreciated. My buddy and I want to do some 2s (I know how unbalanced they are) we just want to have fun and getting a decent rating would be nice too. Thanks in advance guys.
IMO I think a DK would work a lot better with a disc priest but that's just me. Locks / Hunters work better in a double dps situation. However even as an spriest, dk is the way to go. But thats just my opinion and I suck at this game.
But thats just my opinion and I suck at this game.

I at least appreciate the input lol. Priest is the only class I don't have at least a level 80 of so I just don't know them that well.
I have run with Hunters and DKs all last season and only Hunters this season.

If your hunter can drop traps at your feet, that beats a DK all day.

I like hunters. But the DK I have played with killed things before I even knew we were 2 on 1ing them.

Depends on the player.
With those choices I like hunters too. The traps, the stuns, and my favorite, they are RANGED. They are ranged from their target, I am ranged behind the hunter. Way more distance I can make for myself than I could with a melee.
Depends on the player.

I have played with a very good DK, that makes everything easier. My hunter friend is self admitted subpar at huntering.

The player, or what they play the best is key.
I'd go with the hunter for 2s so me and the hunter could chain CCs
Dk, I win about the same amount with lock and dk, but dk games are always much shorter

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