Interrupting flag caps

I can't find this information anywhere. As a shadow priest what abilities do you use to interrupt a flag cap in RBGs?

Thank you!
Anything but a dot, sear, or flay.

Mind Spike, mind blast, psychic horror(hint hint, your best flag defensive), divine star...any direct damage or CC
Awesome thank you!
I rely on my ghetto divine star every 15 seconds... priest is not the best flag spinner. and it's not worth taking the holy nova glyph...

the first hit of SW:Pain can be used if only one person trying to cap and you're far away since it has 40 yd range.
03/28/2013 02:03 PMPosted by Longinus
the first hit of SW:Pain
Has anyone else ran into issues with mine sear not breaking cast on flag cap?
There are many many times I will be searing a node when people get feared off of it till they get back over there to spin and the sear doesn't stop the cap. It's very unreliable.
The thread already contains the answer to that question.

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