<Royal Council> recruiting for 10man


We are in the process of xfering from Alterac Mountains, currently we are 12/12N in the Throne of Thunder. Tier 14 we went 9/16H.

About Us:

Royal Council was formed during Cata from casual raiders that have been playing since Vanilla. We are a tight nit group of players who formed a family since the start of the guild. Even though there have been many member who have come and gone for real life issues or just got bored of the game, we make our new member feel at home. Since we all were casuals once we understand that real life issues do come up and things that need to be dealt with come before a game.


Firelands: 7/7N
Dragon Soul: 12/12N with a few officers and members doing 12/12H
MV / HoF / ToES: 9/16H (6th on server)
Throne of Thunder: 12/12N


Roll loot system.

What we expect:

We expect from our raiders to show up on time, have proper food and flasks. To be able to understand fights before we enter the raid. We want raiders who know their class and frequently try to test new things and know what specs / talents / glyphs to use on any given fight, as well as people who can use external resources to find out the most up-to-date information on their class / spec. We are a semi-hardcore raid guild and want players who want to raid at a more competitive level and pull their weight.


Currently we are in need of a few good players for the following roles,

Tank: Prot warrior or Brewmaster monk pref
Ranged DPS: Boomkin
Melee DPS: Rogue / Frost DK
Healer: Holy Paladin

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 9pm - midnight EST
Wednesday: 9pm - midnight EST
Thursday: 9pm - midnight EST
Sunday: 8pm - midnight EST

If you have any questions on anything please feel free to get in contact with us before the move.

Realid: Corey.matson@gmail.com
Battletag: Dew#1272
Recruiting on Darkspear; not only against the forum rules but also incredibly stupid.
Added your battle tag. Hoping to hear from you soonish.
Still looking for Brewmaster tank and Holy Paladin
Nagoya so subtle
Should we be worried?
^ Oh well, won't have anymore rage in guild chat or vent anymore.

Anyone would rage when you call them racist slurs for months.

Either way, i'm up for an interview in vent or in game so you can judge my character, rather than listen to a member of a former guild. Feel free to get my side of the story and decide logically what you want to do. =3.
Just looking for tank!

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