PW:S macro

I'm terrible with macros, and looking for someone whose really good with them. I did a search, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

What I'm trying to make a PW:Shield macro where if theres no target it self casts, if target is friendly it casts on target, and if the target is hostile it casts on target of target.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance! ^_^
/cast [help] Power Word:Shield
/cast [harm, @targettarget] Power Word:Shield

Play around with that. It's gotta be close to that.
I found this by simple googling, if you don't like the @mouseover, you can change it to @target:

/cast [@mouseover, help] Power Word: Shield(); [help] Power Word: Shield(); [@targettarget, help] Power Word: Shield()

"The goal of this macro is to dps a mob and shield SMARTLY without changing targets allowing for max damage. 1st it will try to attempt to PW:S your mouseover target if it is a friendly but do nothing if it’s an enemy. 2nd, if you target an ally or yourself you will PW:S that target. 3rd, if you are in a group you will shield the mob’s target* without having to change targets. 4th, IF you are solo’ing (pvp or pve) and you are targeting the mob that is targeting you then you’ll shield yourself."

figured it out

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