Glyph - Void Shift

Not sure if blizz would put a glyph on the last class ability, but reduced cooldown glyph would bee good.
Other ideas, like make the target and yourself switch places and/or apply debuffs on target to you or opponent.

be able to cast while scilenced stun etc...

already a good ability but imo these are glyphs i'd like to see
The problem is that the intention for glyphs isn't to make them no brainers. IOW, there is *typically* supposed to be some sort of a tradeoff.
Maybe something like:

Glyph of Void Shift
Reduces the cooldown of Void Shift by 50% but it now distributes health equally between both targets and heals each target for 10% of their maximum health.
Hahaha, switches place with the target as well.

*Void shift melee target, he teleports away and you teleport into the two melee on him with 25% health*.

Idea of the year. Honestly, void shift is fine. :)
Priestsaint im pretty sure its 10 min cds and above. things like army and hero/lust
Yes, think it's 10 mins also. I wouldn't think Void Shift would be removed since you are victim to quick hard swaps after using it anyway. It's not like LoH with zero downside.

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