PvP video from Cataclysm.... Opinions?

I made a video back in Cata that was only in 480p, but now since i found a way to turn everything 1080p i reuploaded it..


Give me your Opinion.

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Not bad, I'd recommend maybe a cleaner UI, there's a lot of stuff in the middle of the screen, and I know why it's there but it's eh. Try to find one UI steup which works and stick with that so that it doesn't seem to change.

Also use clips accordingly, don't constantly switch from different types of pvp, but this is minor.

Lastly I would say is that it seemed stretched which is the affect left from converting the video quality, ALSO. Try and use similar music throughout the whole video. It's very crouded and everything is so close I do not have enough view space for the character.

Videos like this are supposed to amuse a person, not keep them jumping and trying to keep up with everything.

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thanks for the tips "Sir Chill"... you gotta admit, jaw dropping parts of the video, like the shadowstep to warrior then to hunter kill
Cata Rogue.

I agree, it's kinda like my jaw dropping 500k non burst crits without orb in kotomogu =D. The real value of abilities is dertermined by how many, or in our case, how few people can play something so well. Skill.
I remember how much rogues made me hate the game

Maz the Kingslayer approves

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