I must be doing something wrong.

so i feel like my damage is incredibly low. what are you guys getting as far as overall damage for a decent random bg?
Anywhere from 5-10 mil damage depending on how geared the other team is, and what the healer situation is


(i am aware it's sorted by healing, and i am in fact not a healer)
what do you do? run with battle healer on?
what do you do? run with battle healer on?

Fairly often. The self-healing is comparable to the damage output of justice. I switch for bursting, when I need a snare, or there's enough healers that the healing isn't needed.
5-10 Million depending on the BG and healer.
Hmm might give that a shot, I tend to lean on my justice snare a lot though
I switched back to burden the strand cta before last and didn't go back to foj so I only really use justice with someone who is persistently kiting.

Before the talent changes, I was SH/last word spec, and before that I still generally went deep enough into Holy that I couldn't get the short CD on hoj.. so not having it, I don't really miss not having it now.
I would use Sanctified Wrath over holy avenger (unless you plan on a lot of off heals) but keeping wings longer and spamming Hammer of Wrath does wonders. Also - even though Hammer of justice is a 1 min cd - you'll rely on it less when you have burden of guilt. It at least allows you to keep close to your target and burn them down. I use Holy Prism, but Execution Sentence isn't bad if you have the crit to really make it hit.

Keep with it, and don't be afraid to experiment.

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