Anyone else not like multidotting?

I've played mage casually over many expacs and I find Nether tempest to be utterly obnoxious. If I wanted to play a DoT spec I'd log in with my Warlock and respec affliction.

Frost bomb is awesome, and suites the frost spec perfectly... but only in trash situations (because trash can be frozen for the detonate).
I dislike the playstyle. I didn't sign up to be a multi-dotter. I remember when we didn't even have a bomb at all unless you were fire. WTB old Living Bomb cleave back.
Guys Guys Guys... Chill... mages stop acting like a warlock.. don't change your playstyle just because our precious mage bomb got +40% damage buff...

I only spam NT while my inferno blast is on CD.. so i get 2-3 NT out then back to my normal fire mage...

Also guys... I see mages using glyphed CoC for aoe... you guys should try using that... I will try that myself on aoe fights i.e. horridon/primordius/Council/Lei Shen
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Multi-dotting bombs is terrible. I feel like I spend all my time refreshing dots and not casting nukes. It may work, but it comes at a terrible QoL cost.

Agreed. Didn't like it at all on Heroic Horridon.
don't change your playstyle just because our precious mage bomb got +40% damage buff...

I run the style where I do damage. Fights like Horridon and Council, my NT is >30% of my damage. You can't just -not- do it and expect to perform well.
I personally wouldn't mind seeing someone quantify the % benefit from multidotting on a fight like Council. Or for simplicity's sake, assume two scenarios vs just doing it on your primary target:

1) You're perfectly multidotting 1-2 additional targets that are cleaving each other most of the time (ie: CoE)

2) One where you're dotting 1 or 2 additional targets that aren't cleaving much at all (like padding on a Megarea head, not that you'd do that).

Would like to see the math on how much of a benefit NT multidotting is.

PS: Offtopic, but they really should get rid of Pyromaniac and Frostbolt x3. Really hated Frostboltx3 especially on Horridon. Despite all the multidotting I'd actually enjoy that fight too if it wasn't for the Direhorn Spirit. Or if LB cleave was back, one of the two.
03/29/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Mageski
don't change your playstyle just because our precious mage bomb got +40% damage buff...

I run the style where I do damage. Fights like Horridon and Council, my NT is >30% of my damage. You can't just -not- do it and expect to perform well.

Yeah we pretty much have to multidot to stay in the same realm of DPS as other multi-dot and AOErs lol. I mean I could use Frost Bomb on Horridon for some nice burst to finish off low adds, but that's just silly to forego rolling NTs on Horridon, not to much Frost lacks enough mobility as it is to take away an instant cast bomb.

I think the Mage bomb buff was done primarily to keep it a simple and subtle buff without changing PVP. GC sort of alluded to that himself. He said if that's not enough they would look into buffing other areas, but as it stands right now any changes will probably come in 5.3.
If you haven't noticed with all the kneejerk nerfs and buffs since MoP release, Blizzard doesn't know what to do with mages. The only thing they are remotely worried about is some magic dps balance, and it comes at the expense of your funfactor.

There is no design goal, no vision, no dev working at mage funfactor.

This has been the worst expansion for mages, in terms of actual enjoyment, and there are not going to be any revamps any time soon.

You may as well just reroll, or cancel your sub.
Honestly, I hate being a dot class. It's part of the reason I stopped playing my warlock 2 expansions ago. In my opinion, dots do not belong in an Arcane, or Frost mages rotation. Especially not a dot like nether tempest that has to be manually applied to each individual mob.
It's sad, because right now, mages are a batter dot class than warlocks.
Multidotting made me switch mains.

Well, that's slightly disingenuous. It took every change since 5.0 to make me switch mains, but I finally did it. Removing bomb cleave in favor of multidotting was just one of those changes.

And now I'm doing better damage with worse gear.
Seems like as good a place as any for my QQ. The Bomb talent tier is pretty much 100% fail and has been from the start. Really lazy design and impossible to balance.

Living Bomb made sense for Fire. It feels like the others were added because they couldn't come up with something else for that tier. That and the lvl 90 "buff maintenance" tier convinces me they just ran out of interesting ideas or didn't actually try very hard. Mages are the only class with a core rotation ability on the talent tree (i'm pretty sure). Come on!

Even if they were able to balance each bomb what's even the point? I mean really. The end result is either "it doesn't matter which bomb you pick they are all basically the same" OR "each bomb is useful in a niche situation so on those fights you must run a specific bomb". Terrible. Just terrible.

The solution I would like to see is to take the bombs off the tree and baseline them into the specs then balance it from there. I mean, they all basically do the same thing right? DoT damage on your main target with some aoe application. There is absolutely zero reason I can see that we should have one of our talent tree tiers wasted with this 'choice'.
04/01/2013 11:20 AMPosted by Kagecamia
class homogenization......dots for everyone

Honestly I would like to see Nether Tempest and Frost Bomb removed entirely but that seems unrealistic
Guys Guys Guys... Chill... mages stop acting like a warlock.. don't change your playstyle just because our precious mage bomb got +40% damage buff...

you are missing the point entirely the only way mages can do competitive dps is through using dots only now. the developers have completely screwed up the model of being a mage nobody is complaining about the damage in fact they are downright abusing it because gc lost all credibility of being able to develop and maintain a mage. i have played both hard casting and doting and realize that if i want to be competitive in raids then i will do what works best which changes every single patch since mop was released
Its 1 instant cast DoT we are putting up. This doesn't make us a DoT class like a Warlock or Shadow Priest whom are putting up multiple dots with cast times. The NT/LB/FBomb buffs have been great. They have provided us with great cleave, more mobile DPS, and a nice overall DPS increase that we needed after 5.2 release. I'm pretty happy where Mages are right now on the meters, but maybe thats just me.
Multi-dotting, and in fact Nether Tempest in general, is possibly one of the worst things to happen to mages in 8 years.
Mages were fun because of the hard-casting, and big numbers. Now we don't really get any of that. Instead, in order to do max dps, we have to apply (and watch) dots on multiple targets. I hate having to watch dots with a passion, which is why I no longer play my lock.
If AoE was the big issue, they could have buffed flamestrike or Blizzard (which I don't think I've seen a mage use since Wrath). In fact, it still strikes me as really odd that for AoE as a frost mage, I use Flamestrike and Arcane Explosion...

@Outcold - We're not just dotting up one target. That's the whole issue. If it was just a single dot on one target, no one would be complaining. It's the fact that on fights like Council, we spend 80% of the fight reapplying Nether Tempest to all 4 targets. Mages are being FORCED to dot multiple targets in order to do competitive dps, and a lot of mages are just not happy with that at all.
I doubt they're reading this. Regardless, the lv 90 and bomb talents just aren't very fun.
Try a mouse over macro.
Works wonders with nether tempest and refreshing.

How does this work? I've never tried MO macros before. I just hover over target and hit a macro that cast NT without having to click on each target? How would that macro look?

Thanks, I'd like to try this tonight!

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