Isle of Thunder Rare Mob Spawns/Target Macro

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Hey guys, just starting to farm rares and I know that NPC_Scan overlay does not provide the spawn locations... So I made a picture and got a macro from wowhead. Before you ask, I did it in paint.

Spawn Locations:


/tar Haywire Sunreaver Construct
/tar Mumta
/tar Ku'lai
/tar Progenitus
/tar Goda
/tar God-Hulk Ramuk
/tar Al'tabim the All-Seeing
/tar Backbreaker Uru
/tar Lu-Ban
/tar Molthor
/script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 3)
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

- This macro will try target any of the rare mobs, and place a purple diamond on their heads, but be careful... When you use this macro and you are already targeting something else the diamond appears on your target. So just hit 'ESC' and make sure you don't have a enemy/friendly targeted.

Just to help out some folks farm, have fun guys.
This'll certainly help me, thank you.
Cool map. I know all the names of the rares and locations by heart now that are outside the gate. No idea about any rares inside the gate.

Time I start studying ;)
Just found a better picture than mine...



Edit: Typo
I've just been using
I've just been using

Cheers, I'll use this :D
Once you have found them you can announce them % HP and the location to your faction in /1 using:

/run x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition("player") msg = UnitName("target")..": "..(math.floor((UnitHealth("target") / UnitHealthMax("target")) * 100)).."% HP @ "..GetSubZoneText()..format(" %.1f, %.1f",x*100,y*100) SendChatMessage(msg, "CHANNEL", nil, 1)

Make sure you have the rare targeted it will not check the mob is actually a rare.
I love you for that map.

Half the time somebody calls out while I'm doing my daliies "x is up!" I have no idea where it is. Obviously by the time I've WoWheaded it the thing is dead.
If you click the pop-up that appears when NPC_Scan picks up a rare, it targets it.
ty it helped me
That map really helps. Thank you very much. I don't spend a lot of time over there and now all I have to do is look at the map above the desk :)

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