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03/31/2013 10:53 AMPosted by Discodoggy
What you say makes perfect sense. However, I personally have never found ramp-ups to work well against a thinking opponent in PvP. Unless they are unable to swap, which I did mention above.

Imagine you've got the option of replacing Crush with Arcane Blast on Anubisath Idol. Would you exercise that option?

I probably would. It would present my opponent with two options:
1. Continually swapping pets to keep my Arcane Blast in the -damage level, granting me a free turn every other turn.
2. Letting me build up my Arcane Blast to +damage level and hammer away with it.

I'm arguing that Arcane Blast is slightly better than a basic attack (Crush, Snap, etc.) in most cases. However, I'm more than willing to concede that Arcane Blast doesn't come attached to particularly impressive pets. You don't actually have the option to trade away Crush for Arcane Blast on the Idol. Rather, you have the option of pets like Lofty Librams.
Some (positive) criticism. I think this guide would be a lot better if you
- removed all the irrelevant, credential proving stuff there.
- added some general pvp stuff or pointed players on how to get started on that in main faq.
- really added some useful 5.2 related info, a lot of it is just very generic stuff.

Thanks for the feedback, still waiting to go back and make some serious changes. I wrote it on spring break and haven't had the time to do much editing.

And I hear you on the intro part. I just wanted to add some sort of personal touch. That'll probably be the first part to go when I need more space.
Just read this and all I can say is wow very nicely put together wish this had been around when I first started the meta.

I've never tried to push for a sticky not being very active on forums, but this case requires it.

I would love to hear more about your views on pet pvp, but understand that the purpose of this guide was about team building skills not the actual act of battling.
very nice! thanks for taking the time!
Nice guide!
awesome, sticky requested.
Bumped because many of the new PvPers need some... guidance.

Edit: also tried to bump

but it has reached its post limit.
My team: Clockwork Gnome, Strand Crab, Onyxian Whelpling. All Rare.

Why I chose this team:
The Gnome is really good with Stayin' Alive *Reference Intended* And dishing out damage,

Set up a turret, Metal fist For 2 rounds, Turret, Repair *If needed, Try to foresee if you might die in the couple of rounds and decide If you should repair or not* Spam Metal Fist, And set up a turret if you can, Then at low health repair, Let the enemy kill you, And you will heal up with the mechanical's come back to life ability.

The Onyxian Whelpling can hit with the force of a truck and Heal itself after.

Just spam Flame Breath *Or whatever it's move is called, I didn't pay attention* And Lift-Off when you can and heal when needed.

The Strand Crab is the Tank of Pet Battles

I always set up with Shell Block, Then *I forgot the move again, But it heals you slowly so i'm just going to call it this* Mist. Shell Block will cancel out 25-50% Of the damage taken, And Mist will heal 25-50% of your health back.

Sorry about not knowing the correct name of most of the moves, I've been leveling instead of battling for a bit now
Thank you for this guide! I am going to keep re-reading it to make sure that my team is maximized to its' fullest potential.
Great guide man, can't believe I JUST came across this!
I myself use a little death wing, a clockwork gnome, and a magical crawdad, The little death wing is great because of its stun and damage output it's the 3rd strongest pet in game, The magical crawdad isn't the best for damage but the other two pets take a lot of damage. this pet has 2 super op heals that can heal ur team. when your lil deathwing gets low switch to the crawdad which will then pop the aoe heal and then wish once u pop wish switch to lil dw and let it heal him. The clock work gnome is amazing because you can do a turret 2 normal attacks another turret and repair this is super op because u put out a lot of dmg and you also heal yourself close to full. Then if both dmg pets die they still have to deafeat the crawdad which isn't easy. this team does not lose often.
please feel free to give me feedback
Here is a list of the teams he uses -

He also has a walkthrough on a battle he does each day.
Yes, Discodoggy's daily is my breakfast reading every morning: informative, insightful and fun to read!
Yes, Discodoggy's daily is my breakfast reading every morning: informative, insightful and fun to read!

Thanks for the kind words.

Here is a list of the teams he uses -

He also has a walkthrough on a battle he does each day.

I really should update with some 5.4 teams but I'm still feeling them out. So many Val'kyr possibilities. I think I've run the NFD/Xu-Fu thing into the ground.

I just realized this guide hasn't been updated in awhile. I made a change to "ramp-up attacks" since they no longer reset when the opposing pet is swapped. There are probably a few more things here and there that need updating. Feel free to point any out if you come across them.
wow awesome guide, my problem is I have big holes in my top tier lvl 25s, lacking in magic, humanoids, dragonkin, and mechanical. what I have is at very low lvls and trying to wrap a team around them that is viable is rough, where most of the low lvl stuff is critter, beast, and aquatic, with some flying and elementals thrown in, thinking I may have to make teams wrapped around beast, critters and such with those others thrown in as an oddball then let them take the final kill shots so they can lvl, still playing with it though, just found this post and just started team building, so I guess it just have to be a work in progress, I just wish some of the stuff I need to fill those holes could be found in the higher lvl areas, guess that is just backwards thinking
+1 to all posts and Requested Sticky. Nice job.
I did the first major update in about a year. Most of it is exactly the same but I added some more to the breeds section. I also added accuracy and top pet sections. I was a little bit tentative about including a top pets section since that's so subjective. I may take it out.

I'm not going to copy and paste everything to the forums, instead I'll just give the link:
Nice job. That is a big boon to any would be pet battler.
12/01/2013 01:37 PMPosted by Rufyn
+1 to all posts and Requested Sticky. Nice job.

I don't see a Request Sticky option anymore :(

Liked! And I hope this does get stickied! Very useful, thank you!

Edit: Oh I see the Stickied Request ^_^

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