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Nezagu, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were looking a little scrawny. But I do know better. But maybe you should let everyone else know that [This Isn't Even My Final Form]

Continued from
Now that you have seen my final form, i am in charge!

Pallasapollo, i'm surprised that you have not yet read up on *the zandalari prophecy*, i'm to lazy to think about it so y don't you go do that on tell me how it goes
Well took me a long while But I finally completed heroic Grim Batol.

Nezagu, its time for you to break out your pot and pans and get Zen Master Cook
well now that i am the zen master i shall have to cook you dinner (also got 3 achievements when i finished that so thank you :P)

Thecyclone, it seems you are throwing a party!!! *we're going to need more saddles*.... only about 8 more will suffice... its a big party!
Go complete Lion's Landing. Scenarios are fun!
How about going out for some squirrel caressing :D

To all the squirrels I once...caressed for you

Successfully caressed!

Arvins, there are some factions which are missing out on your love, show them you care by getting *55 exalted reputation*, only one to go

Done! Odd that you picked the exact achievement that I was working on and knew I'd have The Anglers wrapped up yesterday :D

Go complete Lion's Landing. Scenarios are fun!

Jogimux.....I believe you should Drown Your Sorrows and have those last few Cataclysm drinks!
Arvin's you were right, scenarios are fun! Lion's landing complete!

Amlas, i think your group of horde buddies are all squishy babies, maybe its time to do show me some *wrath of the horde*.

If PvP ain't your thing i think its time to show how you kill by doing *monkey see, monkey kill*
I think I'll give this a shot.

Nezagu, stand straight and tall and find inner peace and Restore Balance to Pandaria.
Balance has been restored!

Kelldorn i think its time you learnt to have *a little patience*
Nezagu, go and get [Cataclysmically Delicious].

[Ready for RAAAAIIIIDDD?!?ing] completed.
Man that was a fun party, Completed [We're going to need more saddles].

Rabidz its time you become the best [Master pet brawler] you can be.
Wow, it's been a long time - I'm happy to see the get that achievement threads are still going strong! :D

Thecyclone, looks like some of your battle pets are feeling a little neglected. Make sure you play [No Favorites].
^Yeah, it's great to see these going still! I'd love to get in on this.

Vyrrian, you must have [A Little Patience] to complete this scenario!
CAn you please recommend an achieve i can get in a relatively short time. kkthx!

CAn you please recommend an achieve i can get in a relatively short time. kkthx!


You're supposed to recommend an achievement for the person above you (i.e. Me), and then the person below you will post an achievement for you to get. Recommend me one, as I have a perfect one for you already!
Thanks for explaining that to me!!

With a little practice you could easily be [The Fishing Diplomat].

Diplomats are sneaky; sneak in from the north and drop a line in the water and see what bites.

Perfect! Should be very easy.

Alright Windbreaker, go look and find the [Zandalari Prophecy]!

EDIT: All finished with [Fishing Diplomat], who wants to give me another assignment??
Ok unbreakabull, since you seem to be Arms and fury, your unused spec needs a little love..or should we say [No, Tank you]
Aishlinn, youre achievement list is ridiculous. you need a [Blackout].

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