Get that achievement XII

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2500 Daily Quests complete

Sindrelyssa, the dwarves of the Wildhammer Clan still do not adore your presence. Make them love you for all your worth.
That's weird I actually got that 27th July last year... Could I please have another?

Strange haha.

How about [Have... Have We Met?] by waving at a couple of the people from the daily firelands quest. You also get [Veteran of the Molten Front] at the same time. Gratz!
I was skipped :(

Fuzecast, as a mage you should become a master at Arcane magic. Go to Dalaran and learn all the Higher Learning about the Arcane arts that you can.
Waterfire, finish your veteran of the molten front and earn your flamebreaker title
I am now adored by the [Wildhammer Clan] I will keep working towards [Have...Have We Met?] but there are only so many hours I can camp Sethrias Roost waiting for my last two NPC's.

Cbaoth how about fishing from a waterlogged wreckage so that you can be [The Scavenger]
I hate to send you on another reputation but you're only 7,000 rep away from [Tuskarmageddon] with the Kaluak. So go finish it up!

[Seat of Knowledge] I don't think is happening for me, had it for a week now, grinded my Archaeology from ~250 to 600, got 6 pristines and now im completely burnt out on archaeology. Is it possible to get a new assignment?

No RBGs or current raids if possible please.
I decided I want 2 more achievements to go along with the one im currently on, so I have alot of stuff to occupy my time.

Viridios, have you ever played Monkey in the Middle?
[Arachnophobia (10 player)] is done.

Hey Viridios, grab some friends and head out to heroic Gun"drak for [Share the love].

No RBG's or current raid content please.
Done. [No Tank You].

Your turn, Hystairia. Remember, [We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction.]

(No latency dependent achieves please)

[We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction.] Hey Winbreaker, you're frost spec so you should enjoy [Glutton for Icy Punishment].

No arena, RBG's or current raid content please.
I was a champion at [Monkey in the Middle] when I was a kid, and still apparently am now!

I will try to work on getting [Share the Love] when I can find a time that 4 of my friends are on >.<

In the meantime, I can take another non-Arena, RBGs, or Current Raid content achievement to work on.

Hystairia you're only 6 dishes away from [The Northrend Gourmet] See if you can get that done.
I must be a [Glutton for Icy Punishment] because I am ready for another. Thanks Hystairia!

viridios it is time for some [Pest Control]. Please note, I am not a pet!

[Tuskarrmageddon] and [Have...Have We Met?] completed! Requesting reassignment.

Windy, I think you need to head over to the Throne of the Four Winds and [Stay Chill]
I did [Stay Chill]. thank you!

Gimme more!

Sindrelyssa, yes you [Can I keep him?]

I have over 400 pets already, I think my profile is bugged with the pet and mount achievements
so I am requesting a reassignment.

Windy, travel to deepholm where you should see the [Fungal Frenzy]
I went through a [Fungal Frenzy] and came through it alive.

Gimme more non-latent please.

Sorry about that sinndrelyssa. perhaps the [Gods and Monsters] are contriving against you. I think your exploration acheeves are goody as well.

Death from Above complete

Windbreaker, the Horde needs more victorys. Head into the Arathi Basin and gain an Arathi Basin Victory.
Damn PVP was rugged, but I was eventually carried through an [Arathi Basin Victory]. thanks team.

Waterfire, put that fire to use under the kettle and become [The Cataclysmic Gourmet].


p.s. im ready for more.
Hi there Windy, i think you [Lance a Lot] but why not head to the Argent Tournament and lance a little bit more?

[Gods and Monsters] completed!
[Lance a Lot]'d. I'm ready for another.

Sindrelyssa, time for a little [Monkey see, Monkey kill].


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