Does Soothe remove Savage Roar?

If you're fighting another feral and he casts savage roar and you cast Soothe, does your opponent lose his SR buff?

Wowhead says yes... trying it out in BGs says no.
changed in 5.0 to make it no longer dispellable.
I would never PvP if it was dispellable like it was in Wrath.

(edit because I don't really PvP much anyway, but yeah . . . )
Wtf does soothe even work on now? I have no clue
Predatory swiftness should be an enrage. Magic dispellers have all the fun...
Wtf does soothe even work on now? I have no clue

warrior effects are really the only ones i can think of off the top of my head, some other mob mechanics but that's it really.
PVP uses for Soothe.


Berserker Rage
Wrecking Crew
Bloodrage (Removed)
Death Wish (Removed)
Recklessness (No longer an enrage effect)

Hunger for Blood (Removed)

Death Knight:
Unholy Frenzy
Hysteria (Replaced with Unholy Frenzy)

Owlkin Frenzy
Savage Roar
I would recommend against using Soothe unless you have an aura set up so you know when it'll work. It isn't very often.
oh I used to use it to drop grounding totems as well back in cata, less noticeable than moonfire.

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