$1.17 Billion profit!, and still nothing???

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As a long time player of this game, logging into the "Oceanic severs" I am truly frustrated with the profit margin Activision/Blizzard have posted 2012/13, and yet still turn their backs on Oceanic players.

I don't want to get into the speculation based argument of why we supposedly didn't get servers here, as I think being 2013, we can move away from that age old argument!

What I don't understand,being, 2013, and the profit that this company continues to make, that as a gaming community, small, yes, but regardless, that we cant get just one little cluster of server/s here, I myself am so sick of being at a disadvantage when it comes to pvp, 95% of all mechanics for all races, are pretty much useless when playing with a ping of 200ms+.

On average, with a minimum of 200ms, we have a 0.07 delay on any instant cast on any race, which against anyone in the US of 20-80ms, is a massive disadvantage when it comes to pvp, not to mention affecting certain classes dps.

Why after all these years, as a company that prides itself on its company mission statement, play nice, play fair, every voice matters, think globally, to name a few, yet when it comes to that mission statement, and the oceanic community, it feels like we just slip through it completely!

Over the years we just get the standed,"we continue to look into the oceanic server situation", not a mention of any alternatives like, a dedicated tunnel provided by blizzard, so that all the people who do use them, can stop with the continuous account locking, due to "suspicious activity" when all we are trying to do is get an even playing field, or even looking at, all IPs that log in from The Oceanic reign, have a their cast times shortened, based on an average of what Blizzard believe is still acceptable to make the game fair for all.

We may be a minority to your gaming community Blizzard, but we are here, and have been dedicated to your games, not just wow, just a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel regarding this issue would be a step in the right direction, without hurting your profit margins at all!
*snore* They earn money for shareholders, not to waste on gamers who still happily through money at them every month from the other side of the Pacific even when they haven't given them servers for oh, 10 YEARS.....
yeah bro, i'm playin from Indonesia and i'm dyin enough to play this game with that lag spike in raid on bg, blizz should more care about player from the oceanic especially with that huge profit. I'm considering to quit this game, tho i love this game very much. But it doesnt fun anymore when u cant play this game properly and enjoy every aspect of the game :(

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