New PVP LVL 25 Guild Mayhem Recruiting.

Hey guys, myself and a few friends were starting to get sick of guilds starting out well with good players, but quickly descending into 95% <1500 players. So, we've decided to start the guild <Mayhem> with a recruitment requirement of 1750 in any arena bracket, or, 1900 (Centurion) in RBG's. Filled entirely with only quality players, <Mayhem> will not carry you, we will not accept inadequate players and we will become a name which will inspire fear or challenge into the hearts of those who are un/fortunate enough to come across us in PVP.

<Mayhem> intends to be a guild which partakes in Arena, RBG's, and WORLD PVP. We want to create a strong, proud PVP presence on our home realm - which there is currently a distinct lack of not only on Barthilas - but on almost all Oceanic realms.

If you're looking for a guild which will only contain quality players into the future, PM me or send me in game mail. Come be a founding member of level 25 guild <Mayhem>, surround yourself with capable and like minded players and help us get this thing off the ground! :)

barth needs more GOOD PvP guilds. I welcome you with open arms friend.
Question is, have you reached these "milestones" yourself?
Mayhem attacked IF

WBSH annihilated them

WBSH still #1

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