questing as disc...

hello my fellow priests.

Just had a question for those that have been playing their paragons of light and shadow a bit longer than myself... but... how does disc do for questing? 85-90? Dailies? etc.?

Basically i leveled this priest in cata after not playing one since vanilla. I had tried multiple times over the years to level one up, but could never get "into" the class.

Then i discovered disc. Specifically attonement.

I went 1-85 as disc. I quested as disc. I chain ground dungeons as disc. I dabbled in a couple battlegrounds as disc. I loved disc.

In DS i started dabbling with holy (mostly because having to many people popping weakened soul sucked) and, honestly, i enjoyed it. I smiled as i messed with chakra states etc... but i missed disc... and i went back to it eventually.

Enter Mists.

I think i mentioned that it took me years to finally level a priest. This isn't my main. This isn't even my "primary alt". At this point i have 5 90's and she's still stuck at 86... but theres a reason for that last one. After seeing how much health mobs had in jade forest etc. i decided to give shadow a try. I swapped my holy offspec to shadow, practiced a bit on a dummy, read some guides etc. and jumped into jade forest questing and even a dungeon or three.


I have nothing but love to my fellow priests that play shadow like a boss, but for some reason that spec just does NOT click with me. I didn't like it solo'ing. I didn't like it in dungeons. I never even did a bg as it. Just not my thing.

But then it hit me that leveling is very... dps friendly shall we say. And not so much for a healer (especially with the relative crap exp you get in dungeons at this level). And i shelved my girl here up until this point.

Now i'm thinking of playing her again. I have some 450 BoA's i can swap to her (450 weapon, 463 offhand) and plenty of gold to buy her anything i choose. But the thought of going shadow turns me away from the class.

Now, i know i could choke down the 85-90 grind as anything, but i'm concerned with dailies. Isle of thunder mobs have upwards of 700k hp and i'm not sure i want to spend 3 minutes killing them each time. But then again... i've never seen a disc priest grinding at 470+ ilvl so i don't honestly know how good it is.

So i come to the forum asking advice from any other priests that go disc all the way. Solo, dunegons, raids (specifically LFR) and pvp. Just getting your Disc on and loving it.

How well does that work for you?

TL;DR: Want to level my priest but hate shadow. Also want to be able to do dailies reasonably at 90. Am i screwed? Does it work fairly well? Any specific advice or anything? :P

ty all for any replies :)
Holy does really good dps for soloing as well. I was disc leveling up until today, it's slow but you can pretty much survive anything, if you don't mind taking your time to kill things it's not bad. Pvp wise disc is pretty damn good with a lot of different tools.
Holy deals high damage and you'll be able to heal yourself at the drop of a hat.
Disc deals average damage but also auto-heals you at no cost and you also have the ability to heal yourself if a situation starts to head south.

I leveled 85 to 90 as Disc and have done all my dailies as Disc.

I'm a Disc priest through and through though.
A number of dailies are things like "free 6 scouts" and "crush 150 roaches" and "kill X mob that everyone can tag" and honestly there isn't a whole lot of lost time by having lower DPS output.

Any time you lose on dailies is easily regained through instant LFR queues.
I do my dailies as Disc - its a bit slower yes but its also 3-button-questing.

Its really hard to get hurt much no matter how you overpull, and if you just penance yourself and use Void Tendrils wisely you should be always good to go!
Disc is pretty decent for questing. I tried holy too in the same gear and it also worked. Took FDCL and no worries.

I may go back to shadow for questing though, it's just faster.
I have levelled 3 priests from 1-90 as disc. I think it's fine personally. They all did their dailies as disc too... no complaints.
You can do it as Disc, but Shadow is much faster imo. You can drive to work on the back roads and get there, you will get there faster on the highway.

Shadow's the best for Questing.

Sorry you don't like it but that means you will have a slower go of it with Disc or Holy due the ability to only do any real damage to one mob at a time. Use Void Tendrils, Mindbender and Power Infusion. Even Glyphed Psychic Scream is very useful.

Holy and Disc's DPS output isn't great but it'll get the job done.
I just want to put in my 2 cents. I Raid as Disc for heals. I quest as Holy DPS Chakra: Chastise. It's very fast. Not as fast as shadow but fast. Faster than Disc for sure.

I made a set using some heal pieces AND tier shadow pieces (for more crits on Shadow Word: Pain). Chakra Chastise gives you 50% more Shadow/Holy damage available. Get your haste up over 17%. I use Power Word Solace (as it works like Holy Fire), gives mana back, AND casts a heal nearby. I have the glyph of smite too. I use Divine Star. And abuse the hell out of Twist of Fate.

When it comes to AoE- Mind Sear in Holy DPS I think is higher than Shadow..or nearly.

Try'll like :)
Pretty much what Sysop says.

I've taken a long break from playing as Levanna (disc), and just began again by doing the MoP dailies on the Isle of Thunder. As long as I'm on my toes, my survivability is quite high. The only thing is it can take a long time to drop a bad guy.


oh wow, i completely forgot about this post until now. Amazed it got so many replies, TY ALL =D

So yea, i'm 3 bars off 88 and still going strong. The first couple replies gave me the motivation to keep going with it and its been a blast so far.

I'm honestly considering giving shadow another try just because i'm getting into the swing of things on my lil priest here... and at worst if i still hate it now after some gear and levels i know i can do disc just fine at a slower rate. Regardless of that she'll be pretty much exclusively disc at 90 (except for MAYBE dailies).

But yea, ty again for the replies all. Just waiting for a day or two off work to get her capped and start gearin her up ;)
Disc is actually pretty strong in 1v1 dps in dailies as a healer, but your AoE is horrid. If I needed my holy spec, I would most likely quest as disc because of the insane sustain disc has, through I have done so when my guild was progressing through terrace (needed holy for tsulong) and I was too lazy to keep going from holy to shadow to holy.

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