Saturday 5.0 raids!

Bleeding Hollow
Looking for people interested in 5.0 raids for Saturday at 8 pm, all loot is free rolls MS>OS. It's a nice way to cap points. The last 3 weeks we have done MSV regular in about an hour and this weekend I hope to do Terrace and maybe HoF. If this alt/pug run forms a cohesive group (we have about 5 stable people so far) I would like to move into Throne eventually. Send me a tell if you are interested. We use mumble fer chattin' and what not.

A picnic style meal is served after the raid, including potato/macaroni salad, sandwiches and avacado slices! Send me an in-game mail or look for skipey, randlflagg or any member of Trade Chat Debate Team for more info!
I endorse this endevor
Still need more people!
I'd be interested in this, just hit 90 a few days ago on this character.

6/15h t14 experience. Quit a little while before 5.2 landed and came back to level this character up.
Still looking for more alts or weekend raiding types, please have experience beyond LFR, gear is less of a concern than experience.
Still looking for more, prefer 5.0 raid experience. Don't care if it is a less geared alt so long as people know the fights!
My warrior would be interested in a solid consistent group. Name is schtoop. Check my armory for experience.
Excellent! We have a core of 5 that show every week and want to expand that. Invites will go out this afternoon. Group composition is flexible as many participants have 2 Or more alts.
What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolence.

Come with uncle, and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.

Errr bump
I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

Hi. My good friend Josh told me about this run and I am interested. That is if you need a feral dps druid.

Just a side note, this is a new account. If you want to view my older one's achievements go at it:
If i was horde i would be in

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