Returning To Wow Need a Raiding Guild

Why hello there, and thank you for taking the time to browse over this thread.
Names' Jake and I have recently come back to WoW. I am currently 481 PvE iLvl full enchants yada yada yada. I was Full heroic clear DS, and I am currently 12/16 Experience. I am looking for raiding on Weekdays, from times around 6-10 Server. If your guild meets these times, let me know! Please be at least on par with my progression, if not further ahead.
** I am a very fast learner, and I listen impeccably.
Once again, I thank thee for taking time out of thy day to consider me as a part of their guild.
Contact Info:
Skype : rsandwowallday
BattleTag: JakeRaid#1274

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