Looking for some dedicated weekly raiders!

So since recruiting seems to be tough these days, were looking for some dedicated weekly raider pugs who wouldn't mind joining us for a throne of thunder adventure! You don't have to join our guild, but being a weekly raider you will be subject to our loot council system. This worked out for us in the past (got some good members this way!)

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm pst. We have a loot council system in which we are very fair to pugs. We currently have no mail wearers (hint hint)

What we are looking for!

Tank! Going to have a tank out the next two weeks so this is priority number one

Dps with good healing off spec (hunter is highly desirable)

Healer with a good dps off spec (resto shaman wouldn't be too bad.

If you want to learn more send an in game mail to either pangit, asiya or bodhihamar or reply to this thread and one of us will contact you in game

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