prism, execution or aoe?

I seen the damage execution tick for but the huge crit prism get every cool down seems greater for the one mintue time. Aoe is great for 25 trash but not on bos s but they are a boon to you and youe fellow melee.
...What spec are we talking, here?
It's pretty situational. Execution Sentence is great, but it can only damage or heal one target at a time. Light's Hammer is great for AoE, but not as good on single targets. Holy Prism does decent damage and healing, and can bounce to multiple targets, but the short cooldown means it's often sitting off cooldown for a while between uses, giving it less overall damage than the other two.

Here's how I generally think of it:
Single target boss? Execution Sentence.
Large trash pull/boss with lots of adds? Light's Hammer.
Small trash pull/multiple bosses? Holy Prism.

EDIT: That's as Ret, BTW. Your mileage may vary for other specs.
Since she mentions AoE handy for fellow melee and is concerned with DPS, ret seems likely.

In which case, Execution sentence is the best dps of them all. A large reason for this is because the minute cooldown times perfectly with all of your other cooldowns, like Avenging Wrath. 50% of your Execution sentence is gaining the buff, whereas only 16% or so of your Prisms would be gaining the same. As well, there's the added factor that Prism is rarely able to be used on cooldown because it's a filler move, so you end up losing a couple over the duration of a fight. Execution sentence/Hammer will be pushed back as well, but less frequently.

The healing from Prism and Hammer shouldn't be ignored, but it general your healing is unlikely to make any difference in a raid. If you end up healing, say 15k damage to a few targets, odds are that this will just push your healers into overheal at some point. Caveat: Light's hammer can be a good choice for when raid-wide damage is causing a wipe or is deadly, such as on Jin'rohk or Megeara. But it's for you and your raid to decide whether subpar dps is worth the minute healing gained.

Light's hammer is better dps than ES on fights with many adds/multi-bosses, when the adds survive long enough, but that's a case by case basis.
As Prot, I take Holy Prism with a modifier macro (the modifier changes the spell's target from myself to what I'm targeting), because I like the more on-demand healing utility. Its AoE healing with Vengeance is enormous.
Sorry I am ret so you want to pop prism after avenging wrath?
You want to pop Prism whenever you have the need for an AoE, or whenever your group needs some healing. For DPS, Prism is lowest on our ST priority; I would put it next to last on our AoE priority, if you have Exo glyphed.
This is a talent tier which you should expect to switch a lot. Each talent is undisputably the best in certain areas, and lackluster in others.
It varies based on your spec and what content you are doing.

1. Execution sentence is great on bosses. It does not compare to the other two in terms of aoe or splash healing.
2. Prism is good for consistent burst of heals or dps depending on who the target is. This one can see some use in pvp and solo/scenarios.
3. Hammer is good if the enemy or the party are bunched together and stay in it. Not the best option for single target or things that move out of it.

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