Best rotation for dungeon trash lvl 62?

Death Knight
With the roiling blood talent I usually start with howling blast then blood boil, from here I either spam howling blast and blood boil again, or I start to oblit and frost strike things, also dropping death and decay on cool down. Is there a better way to manage my rotation for aoe trash?

Also I am frost. Thanks!
Take Unholy Blight.
Be sure to use your Death runes on Death Siphon, it's awesome at that level. Spend your other two sets of runes on Obliterate/Howling Blast/Plague Strike.

Use Frost Strike when needed.
Since our level is similar, I might as well give you my current rotation :

Open up with Howling Blast once all mobs are together, then drop Death and Decay, finishing off with 2x Blood Boil. The fight should be over by then (otherwise just spam Howling Blast over and over since that's your only spell left).

Seriously, the Howling Blast/Blood Boil combo does ridiculous damage at our level. it changes once your Frost damage becomes stronger, basically at 80 with your mastery, but in the meantime, stick to this rotation and you should have no problem.

Fun fact : I ran a dungeon earlier with 2 other DKs (they were Unholy). All the tank had to do is pull as much mobs he could, then we just all used our Blood Boils together, clearing every pack in mere seconds.

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