Frost Haste Breakpoint?

Death Knight
After combing through the guide on these forums, that posted over at elitistjerks, and several other DK help sites (noxxic, icyveins), I cannot find anything to verify something posted in another thread here (Frost gear audits) - namely that Frost runs the risk of having too much haste once you reach the 80% mark.

I've been struggling with this myself ever since MOP hit - what exactly should be our balance of haste to strength? Should we gem/enchant strength at lower gear levels, then transition to haste gemming/reforging? Or is it the other way around?

I have only recently begun to sim my character, so I don't have any simcraft profiles for when I had lower ilvl gear, unfortunately. If anyone could share any advice on this question, I would appreciate it - numbers would be greatly appreciated too, there is only limited use in min-maxing on anecdotal evidence.
Never heard of such a thing as having too much hast. Do you regen more runic power that you can spend ? no then stack more hast my friend.

I doubt that you can even with BIS gear have too much hast for the current content.

Frost use hast for runic regenration not for DoT usage, were not warlocks.
Like Venur said, as long as you're not reaching the point where you literally can't spend your runes fast enough, there is no haste breakpoint. With our 1sec GCD this is especially difficult, so I don't think there's any really reachable point where haste stops being your best stat as 2h Frost.
This is the quote in the other thread I am trying to engage the community in discussion about:

Frost DPS is all about maximizing your KM procs and while haste helps you get more, it doesn't help if you can't fit your GCDs in between your weapon speed. Most of the players that rank on World of Logs use a haste value of around 77-78% which would give them a swing speed of 2.1 using a standard 2H weapon with a Swing speed of 3.6 secs before haste. 2.1 seconds means you can use precisely two abilities before your next KM proc and so you can often make the decision of whether or not to frost strike or obliterate. [Posted by Pwnjuice]

I've just never seen anyone else make a similar claim, and I'm searching for some hard numbers either for or against this. Personally, I feel more rune-starved while gemming straight haste as opposed to my str/haste gems, but I don't feel as if personal anecdotes are valid enough to justify establishing a cap.

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