493 Guardian Druid LF Guild

Area 52
Hello, my guild fell apart couple days ago and I am looking for a Fri/Sat raiding guild around 7-12
I have only downed 6/6msv 2/6hof and 0/4toes 0/12tot "We never got a consistent raid group together."
Just leave contact info here and I will get back to you
Hello Bigtank,

Look me up in game if you want to chat about joining us. As it is right now i am trying to get a weekend team going. Right now on weekends we do alt/back up runs but I would like to make it a more permanent thing.

Contact me at zahkkul#1390 if you would like to discuss this option.

You can also contact me in game at BigWes#1392
4/6 hof with couple attempts on amber

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