Mage or Warlock PVE?

I've been playing melee most of my WoW career. Did a warrior from Vanilla to Wrath, made a DK. Been a DK since.

I want to change it up and make a new main, a caster. I can't decide between mage and warlock. What do you guys think?

It's only for PVE, and damage wise.. Do mages or locks do more? Since mages have to stand still to dps and affliction locks get to dot up while moving around, do locks average more damage even though mages do more theoretical damage?

And just from a personal perspective, if any of you have a mage and a lock, which do you prefer?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
Lock. Everyday and twice on Sunday. :P

I have played both a mage and lock for a long while. It comes down to what you are after.

If you intend to raid the only advantage a mage has over a lock is Hero/Bloodlust and this easily brought to the raid by other classes.

A lock brings healthstones, a battle rez and has infinitely more survivability than a mage. If you are crazy (foolish) enough to go down the Fire Mage route then expect frustration unless you are well geared.

Blizz has tried and failed to solve the scaling issues associated with RNG and they have no answers. In the lower gear levels u will simply hate your mage.

In Frost/Arcane its really the movement penalty which kills you. Raid mechanics in the latest tier(s) have made it very difficult to be a turret DPS. But any movement results in highly reduced DPS.

Locks while penalised to a degree in movement still output significantly higher DPS than Mages on the move. The lvl 90 talent Kil'Jaeden's Cunning (which allows you to cast on the move for minimal penalty - 30% movement - can be temporarily offset by Burning Rush (lvl 45? Talent iirc) is a massive DPS benefit.

Prior to Cataclysm (or Wrath I can't remember which), mages were so much better, purely because Locks were SO bad. After the lock revamp and ever since, a mage just doesn't stack up.

So if you are looking to end game content - go with the Lock. Destro is a lot of fun. Plus we got green flames now. If you are just after some casual content (i.e. LFR) Fire mages are fun, but Locks take all the glory now.
I somewhat agree. Mages are so gimped by movement, which is critical in so many fights in t15. I'd prefer a warlock for the ability to cast while moving, the battle rez, the healthstones (don't underrate them they are of enormous benefit), and the extra survivability.

All that being said, I play a mage more than a lock, all three lock specs seem kinda meh to me, I enjoy fire mages though
If you go on the Lock forum, they will tell you Mage is better.

If you stay on the Mage forum, they will tell you Lock is better.

Both sides will give you similar reasons, all involving Blizzard screwing up, playing only one class, and overnerfing.
For raiding... if you WILL get huge gear mage is a good choice... not saying better then lock do to utility reasons but dps ya mage will pass lock with enough gear. I have seen it in my raid, but only since ive been around 520.

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